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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 609

30451. PaRaM is a series of:

30452. In a restrained retangular slab subjected to uniformly distributed load, the yield lines form first

30453. Topology used in Ethernet LAN is:

30454. The channel section can be designed on the basis of Lacey's Theory. The steps are mentioned below : 1. Finding out the perimeter 2. Finding out the velocity 3. Calculation of the silt factor 4. Finding out the area What is the correct sequence of the steps ?

30455. Universal gates are:

30456. The radius of curvature of an ideal transition curve should be

30457. Storage capacity of a standard single sidesingle layer dvd-R is

30458. A dry soil has a mass specific gravity of 1.35. If the specific gravity of solids is 2.7, then the void ratio will be

30459. --------------is a translator program which translates assembly language program to machine language program

30460. The change in the vertical stress in the soil mass estimated by Boussinesq's equation when Poisson's ratio of soil changes from 0.3 to 0.5 will be

30461. Diagram that represents a process in sequential order:

30462. Which one of the following in NOT as excavating the moving type of equipment ?

30463. ------------is a basic data type in C++.

30464. When was the water (Prevention and Control of Pollution). Act enacted by the Indian Parliament ?

30465. Which standard network protocol is used to transfer computer files from one host to another host?

30466. In Lacey's regime theory, the velocity of flow is proportional to :

30467. Processed data is known as:

30468. Plant which yields fibre as well as edible fruits is?

30469. Step which is not involved in software development:

30470. On which of the following do the numerical values of Terzaghi's bearing capacity factors depend ?

30471. Mother kerala,”Sleeps with her head on the lap of the Sahyadri clad in green and her feet pillowed on the crystal ocean sand,kumara at one end and the lord of Gokama on the other.”This poetic language belongs to:

30472. A cantilever AB is loaded as shown in the figure. What is the shape of the bending moment diagram for portion AC?

30473. In the network given above, the critical path of activities is in the given figure

30474. Rani Gaidiliu,a rebel leader against the british was from:

30475. Operation black board project’was introduced by:

30476. In highway geometric design, once the cumulative speed distribution is drawn, the design adequacy is checked at which percentile ?

30477. A major incident in Kerala,connection with the Quit India movement:

30478. The initial and final void ratios of a clay sample in a consolidation test are 1 and 0.5, respectively. If the initial thickness of the sample is 2.4 cm, then its final thickness will be

30479. The 5th ‘brics’ conference of March-2013 was held at:

30480. Cohesion is 15 kN/m2, the unit weight of soil is 20 kN/m3, the factor of safety is 1.5 and stability number is 0.05; the safe maximum height of the slope is

30481. The film’Gravity’wins seven Oscars ,including best director,Who is the director?

30482. Who is the first winner of ‘Lalithambika Puraskaram’?

30483. Name the sailing vessel used by Lt.cdr .Abhilash Tomy for his solo unassisted non stop circum navigation:

30484. As per practice of Indian Railways, the grade compensation provided for B.G. on curves is

30485. ’Economic history of India’was written by:

30486. In cement concrete pavements, tie bars are installed in

30487. The monsoon which brings rain in Kerala during the period October to December is called:

30488. A cantilever beam of T cross-section carries uniformly distributed load. Where does the maximum magnitude of the bending stress occur ?

30489. The first chief election commissioner of India:

30490. Which of the following are claimed as advantageous in respect of aerobic sludge digestion as compared to anaerobic sludge digestion ? 1. Lower BOD concentration in supernatant liquor. 2. Production of a sludge with excellent dewatering propensity. 3. Greater production of methane. 4. Lesser operating cost. 5. Lesser capital cost. Select the correct answer using the codes given below :

30491. The Malayalam poetess Sugatha kumara has been chosen for the Saraswathi Samman award for her poetry collection:

30492. Which one of the following statements is not correct ? A control section in an open channel is the site

30493. ’Samatva samajam’was founded by:

30494. For a given storm, other factors remaining same :

30495. The National calendar of India is based on the :

30496. Two small orifices A and B of diameters 1 cm and 2 cm, respectively, are placed on the sides of a tank at depths of h1 and h2 below the open liquid surface. If the discharges through A and B are equal, then the ratio of h1 and h2 (assuming equal Cd values) will be

30497. Who has been hailed as the”Father of Modern Kerala Renaissance”?

30498. The moment of inertia of a square cross-section of side 'b' about its diagonal is

30499. The First Viceroy of India after Queen’s proclamation:

30500. The gland which in relation to body size is largest at birth and then gradually shrinks after puberty, is?

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