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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 657

32851. Which type device is a piece of equipment that receives information from a CPU?

32852. Computer Operators

32853. When was the IBM XT microcomputer released in the market?

32854. Which of the following is not used for storage purposes with main frame computers?

32855. Which is true for the digital computer?

32856. Which of the following terminals' output most closely resembles the output produced by a plotter?

32857. What is the main advantage of magnetic core memory over semiconductor RAM memory?

32858. Which of the following is used for serial access storage only?

32859. A memory space used for the temporary storage of data is

32860. What is the name of the logic circuit which can add two binary digits?

32861. A small film-plate which is used for microfilming the output from a microcomputer screen is called

32862. The ALU and control unit of most of the microcomputers are combined and manufactured on a single silicon chip. What is it called?

32863. Continuous line drawing are produced using

32864. Which of the following registers is loaded with the contents of the memory location pointed by the PC?

32865. Storage on PC allows you to store files until something erases it, but memory loses its contents whenever its _____ is lost

32866. One byte can be used to encode any integer between 'O' and -inclusive

32867. Why is the width of the data bus so important to the processing speed of a computer?

32868. How many types of storage loops exist in magnetic bubble memory?

32869. The function of CPU is

32870. The bubbles in a bubble memory pack are created with the help of?

32871. The central processor of a modern digital computer consists of

32872. Fifth generation computers are likely to exhibit

32873. A computer system consisting of its processor, memory and I/O devices accepts data, processes it and produces the output results. Can you tell in which component is the raw data fed?

32874. When did arch rivals IBM and Apple Computers Inc. decide to join hands?

32875. The transistorized computer circuits were introduced in the

32876. The memory sizes in mainframe computers and advanced technology micro computers are expressed as

32877. A memory bus is mainly used for communication between

32878. An AND gate

32879. The daily processing of corrections to customer accounts best exemplifies the processing mode of:

32880. Which of the following devices can be used to directly input printed text?

32881. To locate a data item for storage is

32882. Which of the following memory is capable of operating at electronics speed?

32883. The main purpose of time sharing techniques used in computers is to make the best use of the

32884. Which of the following is not true of immediate processing?

32885. A temporary storage area, attached to the CPU, for I/O operations is a:

32886. Which part of the computer were is used for calculating and comparing?

32887. The person contributing the idea of the stored program was

32888. What was the total number of UNIVAC-I sold eventually and by which company?

32889. A file containing relatively permanent data is

32890. Communication that involves computers, establishing a link through the telephone system is called

32891. Dot-matrix is a type of

32892. Which kind of devices allows the user to add components and capabilities to a computer system?

32893. Where does a computer add and compare data?

32894. Which of the following require large computer memory?

32895. Which of the following are used to quickly accept, store, and transfer data and instructions that are being used immediately by the CPU?

32896. Which disk interface standard includes support for up to eight peripheral devices?

32897. Who designed the first general purpose electronic digital computer "ENIAC" ?

32898. What type of control pins are needed in a microprocessor to regulate traffic on the bus, in order to prevent two devices from trying to use it at the same time?

32899. The analog computer measures dimensions and its circuits use the differential and integral equations of continuous variables. The digital computer counts units and its circuits use

32900. In synchronous transmission data from various users

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