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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 675

33751. A standard multimeter is ideal for measuring a monitors high voltage output.

33752. COM 4 uses which I/O port?

33753. What type of FRU is a SCSI host adapter?

33754. How many DMA channels are in an AT-machine?

33755. The angle between the horizontal and the maximum slope that a soil assumes through natural process is called:

33756. A comparatively sudden reduction in volume of a soil mass under an applied load is called:

33757. Which is NOT typically a Field Replaceable Unit?

33758. A human cannot feel a static discharge as high as _____ volts.

33759. The law that states that laminar flow in a saturated soil,the velocity is directly proportional to the hydraulic gradient is called:

33760. A foundation is considered as shallow if its depth is:

33761. What does the acronym RTS represent?

33762. Which is the easiest component to environmentally recycle?

33763. What problem can occur if a printer cable is to close to a power cable?

33764. ESD damage can be caused by:

33765. The standard VGA display has _____ pixels in its native graphics mode?

33766. A grillage foundation is essentially a:

33767. How can you totally protect a PC from damage during an electrical storm?

33768. Maximum bearing capacity can be expected from:

33769. The type of foundation suitable for under water structures is

33770. The most common sampler used for obtaining a disturbed sample of soil is:

33771. The ultimate bearing capacity of a surface strip footing on clay,according to Terzaghi’s theory is:

33772. When not in use, it is very important to keep 5 VA diskettes in _____.

33773. Which I/O port belongs to LPT2?

33774. What resistence in ohms should be displayed ehen testing a speaker in a computer?

33775. How much video RAM is needed to display 1024x768 at 24-bit color?

33776. All Operating Systems get their total memory initialized from?

33777. IBM's Micro Channel Architecture (MCA) specifies which type of the following bit access widths?

33778. Which type of pc card (PCMCIA) slot will allow the insertion of a hard drive?

33779. During the fusing process, toner is:

33780. Before sending data, a modem sends a request to send signal, or RTS.

33781. When a bearing in the power supply fan goes out, what should you replace?

33782. A PCMCIA measuring 10.5mm is what type?

33783. What component would most likely cause a "parity error"?

33784. Whenever you have a hardware resource conflict, it will more likely be an IRQ conflict rather than an i/o conflict because:

33785. You have just installed a new internal PCI modem on you desktop. It will not dial out. what is the problem?

33786. After you service a laser printer, you notice dirty print. Which of the following would correct the problem.

33787. After you service a laser printer, you notice dirty print. Which of the following would correct the problem?

33788. During the boot process, a system first counts memory from where?

33789. What command is used to reset a MODEM when using the

33790. Modems use _____ transmission.

33791. What should he used to extinguish a computer fire?

33792. In ROM BIOS, the acronym BIOS stands for:

33793. What command is used to hand up a MODEM when using the "AT Answer Command set"?

33794. Negative skin friction on a pile under vertical compressive load acts:

33795. Which hardware component controls serial port communications?

33796. A Type 1 PCMCIA card is:

33797. You have a 15 pin female connector with the pins in two rows. What could you connect with this?

33798. An ideal fluid is one which:

33799. You run a super wing-ding diagnostic program on your PC, and it reports that your hard drive, microprocessor, RAM, and video card have seen better days. To resolve this problem you should:

33800. For a fluid in motion,if pressure at a point is same in all directions,then the fluid is said to be:

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