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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 677

33851. Which type of cable is most likely in use with rj-45 connectors?

33852. To prevent toner from sticking to a laser printer's heat rollers, apply which of the following:

33853. The commonly used indicator for measuring iron concentration in water is:

33854. The suitable method for distribution system for a city with haphazard growth pattern is:

33855. You should never put floppy drives, hard drives, or even VCR tapes or cassette tapes on top of speakers (or near any other source of magnetism) because of:

33856. How many bits in a byte?

33857. What is the result of adding an IP address to the DNS server search order

33858. RS-232 is a standard that applies to?

33859. Your modem does not respond when you try to dial out. You try another modem on another computer and get the same result. What is the most likely problem?

33860. The settling of particles in a sedimentation tank depends upon:

33861. How would you allow device drivers and TSR's to be loaded into Upper Memory Blocks ?

33862. A floatation unit is usually provided to remove:

33863. A commonly used coagulant is:

33864. From septic tank the effluents are discharged into:

33865. The maximum efficiency of BOD removal is achieved in:

33866. RTS stands for:

33867. Biochemical oxygen demand of wastewater represent:

33868. Bulking of sludge can be controlled by:

33869. When configuring is a network interface cards without jumpers or plug and play, what is used to set the IRQs?

33870. MSD exe does not have information on:

33871. What command is used to hang up a MODEM when using the "AT Command set"?

33872. Current is measured in units of:

33873. The standard IRQ for the floppy drive is?

33874. A keyboard locks up intermittently even when replaced with a new keyboard. What is the LEAST likely cause of the problem?

33875. You are testing the resistance in Ohms of a fuse on a 2 amp system. If the fuse is good, the meter should read?

33876. An underground passage used by pedestrians,vehicular traffic etc is known as:

33877. An ideal horizontal transition curve should be a:

33878. A road connecting one town with another town is known as:

33879. The maximum allowable super elevation is:

33880. A PC with a 486DX2 processor runs internally at SOMhz. What speed would its external logic be running?

33881. The best example of a rigid pavement is:

33882. Upper Memory blocks are located where?

33883. The output voltages of a PC power supply are in the form of _____ current.

33884. First operation during the detailed survey of a hill road is:

33885. The maximum design gradient for vertical profile of a road is:

33886. In laser printing, there are six steps the printer follows. What comes between the conditioning phase and the developing phase?

33887. During the laser printer's conditioning phase a uniform charge of _____ is placed on the photosensitive drum.

33888. A dialog box with a bomb appears oh a Macintosh screen. What type of problem has occurred?

33889. From what location are the 1st computer instructions available on boot up?

33890. What could cause a fixed disk error.

33891. Missing slot covers on a computer can cause?

33892. When installing PCI NICS you can check the IRQ availability by looking at

33893. With respect to a network interface card, the term 10/100 refers to

33894. Bearing plates are used to fix:

33895. Arrangement made to divert trains from one track to another is called:

33896. Distance between inner faces of the flanges is kept:

33897. The place where a railway line and a road cross each other at the same Level:

33898. Gauge of a permanent way is:

33899. After you _____ a record, many data management the environments require you to issue a command to save the changes you made.

33900. What is the language used by most of the DBMSs for helping their users to access data?

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