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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 685

34251. An AND gate has 7 inputs, what is the only input word that produces a 1 output?

34252. Convert the 1000 0000 0000 1111 signed binary number to decimal number.

34253. The _____ is a sequence of instructions that tells the computer how to process the data.

34254. The output of the following gate is 1 only if at least one of its inputs is 0.

34255. The highest decimal number that can be represented with 10 binary digits is

34256. The clock signals are used in sequential logic circuits

34257. In boolean algebra, the overbar stands for the NOT operation, the plus sign stands for the _____ operation.

34258. The reduced form of the Boolean expression (A+B)(A+C) is:

34259. A full-adder adds _____ bits, and producing a SUM and a _____

34260. The radix of the binary number is:

34261. An XOR gate recognizes only words with an _____ number of 1's.

34262. What is the ASCII code for T?

34263. Express 8192 in K units.

34264. The functional capacity for LSI devices is

34265. What is the 2's-complement representation of -24 in a 16-bit microcomputer?

34266. Which gates is known as universal gate?

34267. _____is an abbreviation for binary digit.

34268. The length of a line measured with a 20m chain was found to be 4 m.If the chain was 5 cm too long throughout the measurement,then the true length of the line is:

34269. An inventor is a gate with only _____ input; the output is always in the opposite state from the input

34270. Parallel adders are

34271. A microcomputer is a computer that uses a _____ for its CPU.

34272. Which of the following is a universal gate?

34273. The number of input words in a truth table always equals _____ where n is the number of inputs bits.

34274. Conversion of decimal number 6110 to it's binary number equivalent is

34275. Multiplication of 478 by 528 is

34276. Which of the following boolean algebra statements represent commutative law

34277. Binary-Coded-decimal (BCD) numbers express each digit as a _____

34278. Computers use thousands of flip-flops. To coordinate the overall action, a common signal called the _____ is sent to each flip-flop.

34279. Conversion of decimal number 9310 to hexadecimal number is

34280. Conversion of decimal number 9910 to it's octal number equivalent is

34281. The 2's compliment of binary number 0.01011 is:

34282. The _____ gate has two or more input signals. All inputs must be high to get a high output

34283. The vertical distance between any two consecutive contours is known as:

34284. Conversion of hexadecimal number 93FA16 to it's binary number equivalent is

34285. BCD numbers are useful whenever _____ information is transferred into or out of a digital system.

34286. A NOR gate recognizes only the input word whose bits are _____

34287. How many bytes are there in 1011 1001 0110 1110 numbers?

34288. Consider as RS flip-flops with both inputs set to 0. If a momentary '1' is applied at the input S, then the output

34289. Which of the following logic expression is wrong?

34290. Subtraction of 1001011002 from 11101010102 is

34291. Addition of 1101012 and 1011112 is

34292. Conversion of an octal number 1348 to a binary number is

34293. Spire test is used in permanent adjustment of a theodolite for:

34294. An OR gate can be imagined as

34295. Address 200H contains the byte 3FH. What is the decimal equivalent of 3FH

34296. Conversion of an octal number 1128 to hexadecimal number is

34297. The functional difference between SR flip-flop and JK flip-flop is that

34298. The highest value of coefficient of refraction occurs during:

34299. The curve having varying radii and introduced in between a straight and a circular curve is:

34300. Hooke’s law is valid:

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