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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 703

35151. If safety stock is 6 and the EOQ is 50, average inventory level is

35152. The MIS should be developed by

35153. Considering all types of business, accounts receivable systems are not closely interrelated with the

35154. An example of a global allocation problem is

35155. Actuarial accounting systems are associated with the _____ industry.

35156. Which of the following is part of the decision-making process?

35157. The Management Information System (MIS) provides timely and effective information to support decision making and other necessary management functions. Can you point out the sub-system which does not being to the MIS?

35158. An _____ system has a stored knowledge base and an inference engine.

35159. Changing oil in an automobile is an example of

35160. The parts of a system may be analyzed in the sequence

35161. A greater proportion of time spent in directing on the

35162. In applying the systems approach, the manager proceeds from the

35163. Ideally, the chairman of the MIS committee should be the

35164. A skills search requires that the employee file be accessible by

35165. The two functional areas concerned with material flow are

35166. Detailed project control answers the questions

35167. Personnel Administration Data systems, personnel planning data systems and the payroll system all

35168. Which of the following is not an advantage of decentralized processing over centralized processing?

35169. Ultimately, internal constraints can be traced to limits on

35170. Many organisations have developed MIS _____ plans.

35171. The marketing mix does not include

35172. If the values Earliest time and Latest time of an event are not equal then such events are referred to as:

35173. Systems that supply data for operations execution or supervision all concern

35174. Which of the following is not usually characteristic of upper management decisions?

35175. An MIS can be developed by

35176. Pictographs, called _____ help systems to be more user friendly.

35177. A popular technique for forecasting is

35178. In computer based information system (CBIS), DFD stands for:

35179. The channel of distribution is included in the

35180. The three dimensions of system integrity do not include

35181. The computer generation that triggered the explosion of interest in information processing was the

35182. A characteristic of an MIS is:

35183. Information about the items ordered (item description, price, warehouse location, etc.) is provided by the

35184. In which area are job openings expected to decline in the future?

35185. A periodic report can be used to

35186. Computing systems designed to supply supervisory information include.

35187. In an experiment in which a new drug was being tested on 1000 rats, which one of the following would a computer be least able to do?

35188. The calculation of expected outcomes in intended to help the manager

35189. The computer has been applied most effectively in

35190. If gross requirements are 2,000, inventory on hand is 3,000, reorder point is 500, and EOQ is 1,300, the order quantity is

35191. Duplicate copies of the data base are stored at all locations under:

35192. The pending invoice file should be stored on a DASD (Direct: Access Storage Device) if

35193. Operational budgeting require how many data files that would not otherwise be needed?

35194. The word 'linear' in linear programming is used to describe:

35195. In the graphical model of linear programming the region defined by the constraints and the non-negative restrictions is the:

35196. An information system that supplies information specifically to aid managers with decision-making responsibilities is called a

35197. A class 2 materials transaction (movement from one production department to another) does not require updating of the

35198. Changes to the data base are made only with

35199. Long-range planning reports produced in an MIS are primarily designed for:

35200. Which of the following best explains the meaning of managerial participation in effective computer utilization is MIS:

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