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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 730

36501. Acceptance testing is

36502. The _____ symbol is used in a flowchart to represent a step that gets information from the user.

36503. In top down analyis and design

36504. The _____ symbol is used in a flowchart to represent a calculation task.

36505. System prototyping helps the designer in

36506. Which of the following systems implementation approaches should be used if you want to run the old system and the new system at the same time for a specified period?

36507. Main characteristic of "ring", in Data structure, is

36508. Which of the following is not considered as a tool at the system design phase?

36509. To avoid errors in transcription and transposition, during data entry, the System Analyst should

36510. Sequential or series testing is

36511. A consideration evaluated by management when planning to convert to a computer system is :

36512. Direct-access organization

36513. A system design aid should primarily

36514. Structured Programming involves

36515. To reconstruct a system, which of the following key element(s) must be considered :

36516. The conditions immediately outside a system is called

36517. A feasibility document should contain all of the following except:

36518. Which of the following is used when a company goes outside its organization to develop a new system?

36519. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a system

36520. Which of the following is not considered a tool at the system Design phase?

36521. Which of the following is a graphic representation of the modules in the System and the interconnection between them

36522. A group of related fields, is known as

36523. Advantages of data base system is (are)

36524. A Decision table

36525. The structure chart is:

36526. Top Management is more interested in

36527. Which of the following is a function of the process step of data processing?

36528. In a Decision tree

36529. A file containing multiple indices to the data is called a/an

36530. The short statements that represent the steps the computer needs to follow to solve a problem are called

36531. Which of the following is not a factor in the failure of a systems development project ?

36532. Most algorithms follow the format of

36533. Tracing, of any input record or process, performed on a system, back to its original source, is an

36534. In a water supply scheme,for what purpose aeration is carried out?

36535. In functional decomposition, the data flow diagram

36536. The approach used in top-down analysis and and design is

36537. In the system concepts, term organization

36538. The two classification of inputs are:

36539. _____ use standardized symbols to represent an algorithm.

36540. The background and experience of analyst include;

36541. Structured design methodology is an approach to design that adheres to rales based on principles such as

36542. Reverse video is a technique of

36543. Unit testing is

36544. A checksum digit is used for detecting Errors in

36545. Which of the following is used to derive the address, of a record from the record key

36546. The records in a file on magnetic tape

36547. Data structuring is refined through a process called

36548. Backup and recovery procedures are primarily implemented to

36549. A Decision - Table is

36550. A system analyst designs a new system by

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