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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 765

38251. IPFC stands for

38252. In IPV4,IP address have a size of

38253. A URL strategy specify the IP address of

38254. Which of the following is not an application layer protocol?

38255. Operate at the physical and datalink layer of OSI model.

38256. SGML stands for

38257. The specification is used to read or wrote a short integer in C language.

38258. How many bytes are allocate for the union variable below?Union item {long int a;float b;char c;}code;

38259. In MS Word option in the table menu arrange the cells in ascending or descending order based upon selected criteria

38260. In MS Word the shortcut for making the selected lines bold is

38261. In Excel NOW ()function returns

38262. The stored program concept was introduced by

38263. SIMM stands for

38264. The time required to position the read/write head over the desired rack of a magnetic disk is called

38265. Which Union Ministry will set up the Bunkar Mitra helpline centre?

38266. Which country recently won the Asian Cricket Council Under-19 Asia Cup title?

38267. Union Government decided to set up 50 biotech laboratories in senior secondary schools of this State.

38268. The Parliamentary Standing Committee has recommended a national policy to curb the rise of which natural phenomena affecting the environment?

38269. Identify the Indian naval vessel that reached Cape Town in South Africa to participate in the Cape to Rio 2017 race.

38270. The theme of the National Consumer Day 2016 is

38271. Which of the following is an OPEC country?

38272. India signed a power purchase agreement with this country to export additional 240 MW.

38273. Which of the following islands in India was once named "New Denmark"?

38274. What is the latest service introduced by Google to enhance public convenience?

38275. The 5th Session of India-Kazakhstan Joint Working Group on Trade and Economic Cooperation was held in

38276. Nusli Wadia was removed from the Board of Directors of this Tata group company on 23 December 2016.

38277. Who was conferred with the 52nd Jnanpith Award?

38278. The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) links the Pakistani port of Gwadar with Kashgar in China. In which of the following provinces, Kashgar is located in China?

38279. Which Union Ministry/Government Agency launched the Performance on Health Outcomes Index to rank various States on the basis of health indicators?

38280. Which is the first country in the world to use drones for national mail service?

38281. With which of the following, the BliSS scheme is related to __?

38282. It is in this State/Union Territory Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) campus at Patalganga.

38283. Which of the following ordinances was promulgated by the President Pranab Mukherjee for the fifth time?

38284. Who won the 2016 National title in 6-Red Snooker?

38285. "National Index for Performance on Health Outcomes" has been launched recently by NITI Aayog to __?

38286. Which of the following communities has become the first Scheduled Tribe of Puducherry?

38287. Vittiya Saksharata Abhiyan (VISAKA) is an initiative of which of the following ministries?

38288. The agreement to "buy or sell a debt instrument at a specified future date at a pre-determined price" is called?

38289. Each record in a magnetic tape are separted by blank spaces called

38290. Which of the following is an input device?

38291. Give the keyboard shortcuts top change the line spacing to 5 lines in MS Word

38292. In MS Word Displaying the first letter of the first word of a paragraph in a large font is called

38293. The space left between the margin and start of a paragraph in a document

38294. In MS Word Rows and Columns are inserted in the table from the tab under table tools

38295. MS Word replaces each merge field in the with the data from the after merging in merge mail option

38296. A is the effect that we see as the slides in a presentation change over

38297. All formula in Excel must begin with a-sign or a=sign

38298. In MS Excel keyboard short to select an entire worksheet is

38299. Raster images are also known as

38300. In Photoshop the tool used to lighten and darken areas of an image

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