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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 780

39001. India defeated which of the following countries to win the 2016 SAFF Women's Championship title?

39002. Who authored the book The People's President: Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam?

39003. Who of the following was recently appointed as the 27th Army Chief of India?

39004. Russia in recent past delivered four Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets to a country after a delay of two years. Name the country to which the delivery was made.

39005. Which is the highest gallantry award on India?

39006. The functions of the state government are carried out in the name of?

39007. The Secret Police force of Hitler was known as?

39008. Muhammed of Ghazani attacked India mainly?

39009. Who among the following characterised the Revolt of 1857 as a ‘conspiracy‘?

39010. Reed instrument without pipe is?

39011. Who became the first batsman to score 2,000 runs in the World Cup?

39012. She danced ......... ......... ..........?

39013. Of my three sons David is ..........?

39014. Which of the following is a non-metal that remains liquid at room temperature?

39015. The elevation of human species took place mainly in?

39016. Who is the first winner of Chithra Thirunal National Award?

39017. What reflects the quintessence of the constitution?

39018. Which are the articles dealing with the Centre-State Relations

39019. What is the subject matter of articles 346 and 347?

39020. Which article provides a guaranteed remedy for the enforcement of fundamental rights?

39021. The Central Government has been created the National Green Tribunal on:

39022. In which year Samkshepa Vedartham,The first book in Malayalam was published?

39023. Ayyankali organized the first planned peasant strike in Kerala at Venganoor in:

39024. List out the odd one from the following options

39025. Who authored the work Ananda Sutra?

39026. Who was the martyr of Paliyam Satyagraha?

39027. Who wrote the pamphlet San-us-Sabah?

39028. Which Indian personality has been honoured by US Embassy for Tuberculosis (TB) awareness?

39029. Japan has demanded this country to remove a statue of a comfort woman which has reignited a diplomatic row over Tokyo's wartime sex slavery.

39030. Which insurance company tied up with Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) for capital support to enterprises?

39031. Who of the following was appointed as the Commander-in-Chief of the Islamic Military Alliance?

39032. The book "Bose: The Indian Samurai - Netaji and the INA Military Assessment" has been authored by whom?

39033. Name the former Iranian President who passed away recently.

39034. The 2017 National conference "Jal Manthan-III" will be held in which city?

39035. Which film has won the best motion picture award at the 2017 Golden Globes awards?

39036. A new species of Zingiber (commonly referred as ginger) was recently discovered in which region?

39037. Which film won seven Golden Globes awards including the best originial score honour?

39038. Who won the 2017 Chennai Open Men's Doubles title?

39039. Home Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated CISF Eastern HQ in _____.

39040. India's first international stock exchange "India International Exchange" has been launched in which city?

39041. Who was sworn-in as the President of Ghana?

39042. Who won the 2017 Brisbane International Women's Doubles title?

39043. Who won the 2017 Qatar Open Men's Singles title?

39044. Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, who passed away recently, was the former President of which country?

39045. Who own the 2017 Chennai Open Men's Singles title?

39046. Name the country that country that brought a new team of police named environmental police to combat toxic smog in its capital city.

39047. Mario Soares, who passed away recently, was the former President of which country?

39048. Which of the following is the world's largest street light replacement programme of India?

39049. The 2017 National Conference for e-Governance has started in which city?

39050. Which tennis pair has won the 2017 Aircel Chennai Open men's doubles tournament?

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