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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 794

39701. Mary Tyler Moore, who passed away recently, was the famous Emmy award-winning actress of which country?

39702. Which country launched the first military communications satellite Kirameki-2?

39703. Which state government has launched e-health program "Jeevan Rekha" to provide a centralised database of healthcare information?

39704. The 2017 T20 Blind Cricket World Cup will be hosted by which country?

39705. Estimation of CSF protein by:

39706. Good cholesterol is:

39707. Variation in size of RBC:

39708. Instrument for measurement of BP:

39709. The longest bone:

39710. Test done to investigate Rhumatoid arithritis:

39711. The antibody which can cross placental barrier:

39712. Negative staining is used for the demonstration of:

39713. Black water fever is caused by:

39714. An example of non-motile bacteria:

39715. Parasite showing Retroinfection:

39716. Medium suitable for ABST is:

39717. In Gram staining Iodine is used as a:

39718. A test done in pregnant ladies having diabetic family history:

39719. Inactivation of compliment in serum by:

39720. Mc Intosh Flides Jar is used for the cultivation of:

39721. The Normal Glomerular filtration rate is:

39722. ------------is the causative agent of syphilis.

39723. A platelet diluting fluid:

39724. Bombay blood group can be detected by:

39725. Father of Microbiology:

39726. "Dulari Kanya" scheme has been launched by which state government to check infant mortality?

39727. Which state government has recently organized Farmer's Martyrs day to pay homage to the martyrs of 1894 farmers' rising in the state?

39728. Which union ministry has instituted the "National Entrepreneurship Awards" to encourage a culture of entrepreneurship across India?

39729. Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. recently signed MoU with which Middle East country?

39730. Who was awarded with the gallantry award Ashok Chakra on the 68th Republic Day of India?

39731. What is the India's rank in the 2016 Corruption Perception Index (CPI)?

39732. The Chinnaswamy Stadium became the first cricket stadium in the world to install SubAir System. The stadium is located in

39733. The All India Football Federation launched the first ever Women's Professional League with this many number of teams.

39734. The International Olympics Committee stripped Jamaican men's 4x100m relay team of gold medal won in the Olympic Games Beijing 2008 as a teammate was found to be guilty of doping. Name the teammate.

39735. Which state government has recently announced a total ban on polythene bags from May 2017?

39736. India's first Post Office Passport Seva Kendra (POPSK) has been inaugurated in which city?

39737. Eight sports personalities were included in the list of Padma Shri awardees. Who of the following is not in the list?

39738. V Shanmuganathan resigned as the Governor of which State recently?

39739. Who has been selected for the 2016 National Geoscience Award in the field of geo-environmental studies?

39740. The 2017 Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Partnership Summit has started in which of the following states?

39741. Alexander Kadakin, who passed away recently, served as the Ambassador of which country to India?

39742. The Corruption Perception Index 2016 was released by Transparency International. What is the rank of India in the index?

39743. What is the India's rank in the list of "Eight Great Powers of 2017", as per The American Interest magazine?

39744. Russia conducted joint operation with this country in Syria's Al-Bab against Islamic State.

39745. Shekhar Naik, who has been selected for 2017 Padma Shri award, is associated with which sports?

39746. Emmy award-winning actress Mary Tyler Moore, who passed away recently, belonged to which country?

39747. Staining method for the demonstration of hormonal status in cytology:

39748. CAMP test is used for the identification of:

39749. The abnormal urinary protein seen in Multiple myeloma:

39750. In Westergren’s method of ESR estimation the anticoagulant and blood used in the ratio:

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