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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 831

41551. Who has won the men's singles title at the 2017 All England Open badminton championships?

41552. Which state will be hosting the 22nd Asian Athletics Championship to be held in July 2017?

41553. Who of the following was given the additional charge of defence ministry after Manohar Parrikar resigned from the post?

41554. Which country celebrates National Elephant Day on 13 March?

41555. Jiratchaya Sirimongkolnawin has been crowned the new Miss International Queen 2016. She hails from which country?

41556. Who is the author of the book "Aurangzeb: The Man and the Myth"?

41557. Who was appointed as the chairman of the Central Water Commission?

41558. Which State Government announced KCR Kit Scheme to distribute 16 essential things needed for a new born baby?

41559. What is the theme of the 2017 World Kidney Day (WKD)?

41560. George A. Olah, the Nobel laureate who passed away, won the Nobel Prize in which field?

41561. Which Indian football team has won the 2017 Santosh Trophy football tournament?

41562. Who has won the 2017 the Hero Indian Open golf tournament?

41563. Who is the newly appointed Defence Minister of India?

41564. It is in this State the NTPC has recently installed India's largest Floating Solar PV Plant at RGCCPP Kayamkulam.

41565. Name the person whose name was confirmed by the US Senate as administrator of the 1 trillion dollars Centres for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) with 55-43 votes.

41566. Bureau of Indian standards has recommended the use of folding staff as:

41567. The observation with level is:

41568. The box of the compass is made of:

41569. A fixed point of known elevation is:

41570. Ring contours of higher values interval represents inside:

41571. The horizontal angle between true meridian and a survey line is:

41572. The method used for calculating the earth work with more accuracy is:

41573. The length of long chord is:

41574. An instrument which is used for measuring horizontal angle,vertical angle and direct distance accurately is:

41575. The value of deflection angle is:

41576. In telescope the ratio of the focal length of the object to that of an eye-piece is known as:

41577. For accurate measurement of distance which tape is better?

41578. The number of links in a 30 m metric chain is:

41579. The process of turning the telescope about the vertical axis in horizontal plane is called:

41580. During chaining a straight line,the leader of the party has 4 arrows in his hand while the follower has 6 arrows in his hand from the starting point is:

41581. The permissible error in compass survey is:

41582. In first angle projection the object is placed:

41583. In Engineering drawing chain lines are used for:

41584. A well conditioned triangle has angles not less than and not more than respectively:

41585. A scale representing either three units or only one unit and its fractions upto second place of decimal points is:

41586. Important points selected at the ends of the chain lines to command the boundaries of the survey are called:

41587. The error due to bad ranging is:

41588. Who is the author of the book "When Breath Becomes Air"?

41589. Which state government has officially launched women safety application "Ammavin Aran"?

41590. Madhukar Gupta Committee recently submitted its report to Union Government. What was the committee constituted?

41591. Radha Mohan Singh, Union Agriculture and Farmer's Welfare Minister, recently laid the foundation stone of the Banana Research Centre at

41592. Which committee has submitted report to the Government of India (GoI) to strengthen border protection?

41593. Amy Krouse Rosenthal, the renowned author has passed away. She hailed from which country?

41594. Which country inducted China's Low to Medium Altitude Air Defence System (LOMADS) LY 80 in its air defence system recently?

41595. India's largest floating solar Photo-Voltaic (PV) plant has been installed in which state?

41596. Which state government has recently launched "Adarsh Gram Yojana" for rural poor?

41597. It is in this city the Krishi Unnati Mela 2017 was inaugurated.

41598. Which country to host the 2018 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM)?

41599. World Consumer Rights Day was observed on 15 March 2017 with theme

41600. Which city is hosting the International Vision Zero Conference on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)?

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