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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 843

42151. Who has the authority to competent to suspend a peon of a service Co-operative Bank

42152. The Kerala state Co-operative Handloom Weavers Co-operative society is called

42153. ---------is the Apex Dairy Co-operative in Kerala

42154. Co-operative Society of authors and writers in Kerala is

42155. Japan is famous for

42156. Choose which one is an industrial Co-operative Society

42157. An officer who executes the award is called

42158. The relevant sections in kerala Co-operative Societies Act for withdrawal of share of members

42159. Which of the following won the 33rd Federation Cup Football?

42160. Which bank launched the Unnati Credit Card to spread credit inclusion recently?

42161. Name the former South Carolina Governor who was recently appointed by the United Nations to run the World Food Programme.

42162. AAI, DRDO and the state government has signed a tripartite MoU for development of Deoghar Airport in Deoghar district. Deoghar is a city of which of the following state?

42163. Who has been appointed the new member to the Sports Authority of India (SAI)?

42164. The President of India recently presented Dr. B. C. Roy National Awards for the years 2014, 2015 and 2016. The Awards were instituted in which year?

42165. Who will become the first woman Chief Executive (CE) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region?

42166. Who has been declared the Man of the Series in the 2017 Border Gavaskar Trophy?

42167. Which bank has been adjudged the "Best Small Bank" award for 2016?

42168. Tehmtan R Andhyarujina, who passed away recently, was from which field?

42169. Ahmed Kathrada, the renowned anti-apartheid activist who passed away, belonged to which country?

42170. Which of the following countries was recently approved by the US Senate as the 29th member of the NATO?

42171. Which union ministry has launched an online film certification system "e-Cinepramaan" to promote transparency and ease of doing business?

42172. Who has been appointed the new executive director of the United Nations (UN) World Food Programme (WFP)?

42173. Truecaller has partnered with which bank to launch its UPI-based mobile payment service "Truecaller Pay"?

42174. Who has been chosen for the Glenfiddich's Emerging Artist of the Year 2017?

42175. Which Indian cricket player has won the Sir Garfield Sober Trophy for 2016?

42176. Who was bestowed with the Hari Om Ashram Alembic Research Award for 2016?

42177. Arun Sarma, who passed away recently, was the renowned personality of which field?

42178. Prime Minister of this country has activated a disaster response plan after a powerful cyclone named Debbie pummelled the north-east coast.

42179. As per a report of the NASSCOM, by 2020, the number of internet users in India will reach

42180. The INLCU L51 was recently commissioned into the Indian Navy. The ship is commanded by

42181. The author of ‘India Today’?

42182. The buildings constructed by which of the following Mughal rulers represent the climax in the evolution of Mughal architecutre?

42183. Articles 36 to 51 deals with?

42184. What was the real name of Meera Ben, the follower of Gandhiji?

42185. The smallest district in Kerala?

42186. Headquarters of Medicins Sans Frontieres(MSF),an International Humanitarian Aid Non - Governmental Organization

42187. A federal structure of India was first put forward by the?

42188. The entry port for trade between the Indus trading centres and Mesopotamia was?

42189. The most important feature of the Government of India Act of 1919 was the introduction of?

42190. Who was name as Mira Behn by Mahatma Gandhi?

42191. In which district AIDS is first reported in Kerala?

42192. The first satellite launched by India is?

42193. ......... you like playing football?

42194. The primary colours mixed, it gives red and green gives?

42195. The vector of virus causing dengue fever is spread by?

42196. The term bit is short for?

42197. In whose rule was Islam as the State religion abolished?

42198. Which of the following is the Bankers of the Banks?

42199. Coating of iron with zinc is known as?

42200. Fill up the blanks: Having been born in a good family, she is ......... rich to beg.?

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