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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 870

43501. Name the captain of temple entry campaign in Guruvayoor Sathyagraha

43502. The idea ‘A School along with every Church’was put forward by

43503. Expansion of ABS is

43504. Reduction of transparency of a specimen due to the presence of particulate matter is called

43505. Which of these binding processes allows books to lie flat?

43506. Unedited text delivered by an author is called

43507. ISO in a digital camera is meant for controlling

43508. Which of these is an example for spot color systems?

43509. A substance that speeds up a chemical reaction without being consumed itself in the reaction

43510. A change in color with change in temperature

43511. What is the expansion of HTTP?

43512. Selective Laser Sintering(SLS)is related to which of these

43513. Who was conferred by the CII President's Award for Lifetime Achievement by the President Pranab Mukherjee?

43514. How many medals won by India in the second leg of the Asian Grand Prix Athletics Meet in Jiaxing, China?

43515. Which country has become the first country to open an honorary consulate office in Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT City)?

43516. India signed four agreements with this country including on air services and merchant shipping.

43517. Paytm will invest this much of amount in its banking and financial services for the next three years.

43518. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is going to launch _________ communication satellites by the end of 2017.

43519. Which of the following will be the host city for the 2020 European Athletics Championships?

43520. Which company got MNC of the year 2017?

43521. President Pranab Mukherjee conferred the 52nd Jnanpith Award to __________.

43522. Which company CEO received a $200 million compensation package from Alphabet in 2016?

43523. B B Vyas was appointed as the chief secretary of which state?

43524. Which Indian short film will be screened by UNESCO as part of 2017 World Press Freedom Day (WPFD) in Indonesia?

43525. An android App for the computation of solar energy potential has been developed by?

43526. Who is the Man of the tournament in 2017 T-20 Deaf and Dumb Asia Cup?

43527. The Day of Remembrance for all Victims of Chemical Warfare 2017 was observed on?

43528. Which city will become the first city in the country to operate public buses without conductors?

43529. Union Health Minister JP Nadda has launched the Test and Treat policy for providing treatment to ______ Patients.

43530. Who is appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador for United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR)?

43531. Name of the state which organised the country's first transgender one-day athletic meet.

43532. What is the theme of the World Immunization Week 2017?

43533. ___________ is India's first smart and green highway.

43534. India's rank in the 2017 World Press Freedom Index (WPFI) is

43535. The hole inside the lens of a camera that opens and closes to control the amount of light entering the camera is called

43536. A short last line of a paragraph which appears at top of the page or column is called

43537. Fancy way of saying internet address

43538. Which of these methods involves passing paper through a press twice but using one same plate each time to print two complete signatures on each sheet?

43539. The attribute of color by means of which a color is identified?

43540. Which of these places set standards for data commun-location?

43541. The bound edge of a book is called

43542. Name the type of illustration which contains only solid areas of black or any process color without tints which can be reproduced without halftoning?

43543. Printing technique using toner such as a laser printer or photocopier is called

43544. Printing press which uses a continuous roll of paper rather than individual precut sheets?

43545. Tiny dots that make up a digital image is called

43546. Special arrangement of components of radiant energy in order of their wavelengths is called

43547. Which of these is a measurement of the amount of data that can be transferred in one second?

43548. Capital letters of the same height of lowercase letters are called

43549. Which of these is a set of program that let all the different parts of a computer talk to each other?

43550. The process of manufacturing a new print run,identical to the previous one,to add to the stock in warehouse which do not get a new ISBN is called

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