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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 874

43701. President Pranab Mukherjee signed an ordinance giving more power to the RBI to deal with the growing problem of non performing assets (NPA) on the basis of which amends?

43702. Which country sign MoU with India for the infrastructure projects in railways and transportation?

43703. How many cities were surveyed for Swachh Survekshan 2017?

43704. What is the rank of India in FIFA world football rankings?

43705. The world level weapon production unit "Punj Lyod Defence System" was inaugurated in

43706. What is the total weight of GSAT-9 or the "South Asia" satellite?

43707. Which state is going to set a police public schools in all subdivisions to provide best education facillities to the children of police personnel?

43708. What is the name of the Indian Shooter who reached his first ever ISSF World Cup Final stage?

43709. India has successfully carried out a fresh user trial of Agni-II ballistic missile in ______.

43710. Which Federation of India recommended the women's trio of World championship silver medalists for 2017 Arjuna Awards?

43711. Which type of Mango received a Geographical Indication(GI) tag?

43712. Which three countries signed an agreement to set up "de-confliction zones" in Syria?

43713. Which social media launched its "Express Wi-Fi" in India?

43714. NGT announced Rs. 1 lakh fine on violators for dumping e-waste around __________.

43715. Who is appointed as the new chairman of the Tea Board of India?

43716. The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) approved a schemes _________ for the period of 2016-20 with the 14th Finance Commission cycle.

43717. The first census conducted in Travancore was under the auspicious of:

43718. The Nilambur Teak Plantation started by:

43719. Who was the leader of the agitation ‘Poura Samatvavada Prakshobhanan’?

43720. Gandhiji did his first experiment of Satyagraha in:

43721. The journal published by Annie Besant:

43722. The Chairman of the reception committee of the League at Delhi conference in 1918 was:

43723. Recently joined member of WTO,after fifteen years of fight:

43724. The temple trustees are known by the name:

43725. The first meeting of Antarjanams was held at:

43726. The Italian Priest who associated with the completion of ‘Hortus Malabaricus’:

43727. The work ‘Prayogasam-uchaya’ deals on:

43728. The Five Year Plan which achieved targeted growth rate?

43729. Who among the following was not a moderate leader?

43730. The first Mosque built in Kerala was at

43731. The temple entry proclamation declared on:

43732. The immediate cause which led to be the launching of the non-cooperation movement was:

43733. Which state government plans to offer food at Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY)?

43734. Which bill does USA president Donald trump replace?

43735. Adani signs steel supply deal with Australian Steel Group Arrium for a how many km rail line for its Carmichael coal mine project?

43736. The scheme of implementing 2 crore LPG connections given under Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana across how many districts?

43737. Saqib Majeed who won the 2016 Wisden-MCC (Melbourne Cricket Council) Cricket Photograph of the Year awards belongs to?

43738. Which country won the 2017 Sultan Azlan Shah Cup?

43739. Who is appointed as the MD and CEO of Vijaya Bank?

43740. The world's biggest X-ray laser generated its first light in ___________.

43741. The 2017 India Integrated Transport and Logistics Summit was held in ________.

43742. Dinabandhu Mohapatra has been promoted as MD and CEO of which bank of India?

43743. The International Firefighters' Day (IFFD) is observed on?

43744. ’Samshepavedartham’was first published from which county?

43745. Under whose leadership was the ‘Quit India’movement carried on?

43746. ’No Caste,No Religion,No God,No Class-it is the ideology of:

43747. The cabinet delegation consisted of:

43748. The idea of the Indian National Army was first conceived in Malaya by:

43749. ’Cochin saga’was authored by:

43750. A computer derive its basic strength from:

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