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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 887

44351. Gateway of India is situated at:

44352. Father of Indian Renaissance:

44353. Colour of the UN Flag is:

44354. National Flower of Mouritious:

44355. The first Indian president to vote in the General Election

44356. Father of Modern Indian Painting is:

44357. The first ever Agricultural Marketing & Farm Friendly Reforms Index was launched by

44358. First education Minister of Independent India is:

44359. Who established’Kerala Kalamandalam’:

44360. Ajantha caves are situated at:

44361. ’Pravasi Bharathiya din’is celebrated on:

44362. The only Municipal Corporation of kerala without sea shore

44363. In word,the mailing list is known as the ------

44364. Which of the following is a graphic solution for word processors?

44365. To get”Symbol”dialog box,click on the --------menu and choose symbol

44366. The number of main spring used in a typewriter?

44367. The Key F12 opens for-------

44368. How many ways you can save a document?

44369. Bold,Itallic,regular are known as:

44370. What is the default left margin in Word 2003 document?

44371. The short cut Key Ctrl+I is used to:

44372. Why Drop caps are used in document?

44373. Carriage rests on the --------

44374. From which menu you can insert Header & Footer in Word 2003?

44375. Autocorrect was originally designed to replace-------words as you type.

44376. The file type------------------indicates the file is a Word document:

44377. In the dog block of a typewriter,there are---------dogs.

44378. A word processor would most likely be used to do:

44379. Which of the following is used to create news paper column?

44380. ---------helps to format a document automatically

44381. CTRL+Z stands for:

44382. Minimum Zoom percentage supported by MS Word is:

44383. The task of changing appearance of a document is---------

44384. If you wish to print in wide format which page orientation you will select?

44385. Which input device is not suitable to work with MS Word?

44386. --------are areas in the top and bottom margins of each page in a document

44387. Keys are arranged in--------rows in a typewriter

44388. To change selected text to all capital letters,click change case button and then click--------

44389. CTRL+A can be used to select ------------

44390. Which is called the permanent memory built into a computer?

44391. The computer abbreviations KB usually stands for--------

44392. ’Tools’is in ----------menu of the Adobe Page Maker

44393. Picture Palette is used for --------a picture in Adobe PageMaker

44394. Ctrl+E are the shortcut key for ---------in Adobe PageMaker

44395. ”pmd”files can be created by using----------software

44396. We can change the font by:

44397. Full Form of JPG:

44398. ”Text wrap”option is contained in:

44399. Full form of FTP:

44400. One of the following is not a search Engine:

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