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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 889

44451. Which is the default gutter margin?

44452. Pick out the correct method for selecting entire document:

44453. What is the paper size of Legal?

44454. How many tabs options in MS Word 2003?

44455. Maximum lines we can give the Drop cap:

44456. Short cut keys for converting selected text into capital letters:

44457. File extension of MS Excel 2007:

44458. ----tab is used for entering numeric entries with decimal point

44459. Write steps to insert rows in MS Word 2003:

44460. Where contained the command ‘save’in MS Word 2007?

44461. A trademark notation or a copyright symbol usually displays in:

44462. The backspace key is used for:

44463. One of the following menu is not contained in WordPad of Windows XP:

44464. Alignment buttons in Word Pad contained in ------bar of Windows XP

44465. What type of software is most suitable to create an invitation to your birthday party?

44466. How many menus in Notepad of Windows XP?

44467. Brush tool in MS Paint can be taken from:

44468. Correct method to take calculator

44469. One of the following is not antivirus software:

44470. Short cut keys for ‘paste’:

44471. Menu Bar is situated:

44472. India borrowed the idea of single citizenship from the constitution of:

44473. A motion of no-confidence against the council of ministers can be moved in the Loksabha if it is supported by at least:

44474. Which constitutional amendment raised the number of Loksabha seats from 525 to 545 and reduced the representation of the union territories from 25 to 20?

44475. Who among the following is regarded as the first law officer in India?

44476. The National Rural Livelihood Mission(NRLM)starts in:

44477. Prime Minister Mudra Yojana aims at:

44478. Which among the following poem was written by Pandit Karuppan on the demise of T.K Madhavan?

44479. The Malayalam newspaper that proclaimed its support to the Russian Revolution of 1917:

44480. Who was the founder of Araya Vamsa Paripalana Yogam?

44481. Who was the editor of the women magazine ‘Sreemathi’?

44482. Who led the famous ‘Pattini Jatha’?

44483. Who wrote the drama ‘Balakalesam’?

44484. The wagon tragedy is associated with which among the following event?

44485. The fastest train in India:

44486. India’s first pod taxi project is to be launched in which city?

44487. Who introduced ‘Blue Water Policy’?

44488. Who exercised the power to convene a joint session of Indian Parliament?

44489. Who called Gandhiji a one man boundary force’?

44490. ’Chudalamuthu’ is the protagonist of which among the following novel?

44491. Who is associated with the library movement in Kerala?

44492. The social reformer in Kerala known as the ‘Abraham Lincon of Kerala’

44493. Name the following person is not associated with Vaikom Sathyagraha

44494. First women Speaker of Indian Lok Sabha

44495. ’Malayalee Memorial’a memorandum submitted by people of Kerala to Maharaja Sreemoolam Thirunnal on

44496. Who is the founder of the ‘Ananda Maha Sabha’?

44497. Which Article of Indian Constitution ensures provisions for Free and Compulsory Education for Children between Six to Fourteen?

44498. Environment Protection Act was enacted in India in the year

44499. Who organized female volunteer crops known as a Desa Sevika Sangh in Travancore?

44500. The first President of Purogamana Kala Sahithya Sangam

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