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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 891

44551. The first search engine is

44552. The book ‘Ashtangahridaya Samhitha’ describes about

44553. The bird which can fly backward is

44554. Which number is known as Ramanujan number?

44555. Which of the following decade is declared as ‘Decade of Innovation’by the government of India?

44556. M.Road was built by

44557. The age of sun is about

44558. Plural of radius is

44559. The Indian Rupees symbol is based on

44560. The real owner of a limited company is

44561. In which year Bombay Stock Exchange was established?

44562. The full form of LED is

44563. Which of the following river is east flowing in Kerala?

44564. Night blindness is due to the deficiency of

44565. Nalanda was destroyed by the army of

44566. Tom Joseph got the ‘Arjuna Award’for

44567. An Excel worksheet contains-number of columns.

44568. National Income Statistics are computed by

44569. Which is the National Aquatic Animal of India?

44570. Stock Exchange is a

44571. Which of the following is the separate pin code allotted to the Supreme Court of India on September 26,2013?

44572. Give the one word substitute for “To examine one’s own thoughts and feelings’

44573. The preface of a book is written by

44574. Spacing between lines and paragraphs is known as

44575. India fastest train Gatimaan Express travels between

44576. Goodwill is a/an---------asset

44577. Jasmine Revolution of 2011 took place in

44578. ’Kargil War’ was in

44579. NITI Aayog established on

44580. Computer Mouse was invented by

44581. The maximum number of Assembly constituencies in which a candidate can contest in Assembly election is

44582. The headquarter of UNESCO is

44583. Which is the most abundant metal in human body?

44584. In banking sector,the lender of last resort is

44585. Pressing Ctrl+5 to a selected text in MS-Word gives the result of

44586. How many sheets are in a gross of paper?

44587. ’Njanappana’was written by

44588. Name the legislative assembly where the electronic voting machine used firstly in Kerala

44589. The number of groups in the modern periodic table is

44590. The origin of the dance form ‘Kunchipudi’is

44591. Which movie won the Golden Elephant Award for the best film for this year in International Children’s Film Festival of India held in Hyderabad?

44592. Which state has emerged as champions in the 26th Junior National Athletic Championship held in Bangalore?

44593. The name of first talking Robot sent to space:

44594. The State which introduced Panchayati Raj for the first time in India?

44595. Brass is an alloy of:

44596. Who was the President of Indian National Congress at the time of Indian Independence?

44597. Who was in-charge of Expernal Affairs Interim Government of India in 1946?

44598. Which among the following Committees was constituted by the British Government to inquire into the relationship between the Indian states and the Paramount Power in economic matters?

44599. ”We have now an open conspiracy to free the country from the foreign rule and you,comrades,and all our country men and country women are invited to join it”.Who said this?

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