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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 902

45101. Who wrote’Discovery of India’?

45102. Who is the first woman IPS officer in India?

45103. Perfectly inelastic demand is equal to:

45104. In which region of electromagnetic spectrum does the Lyman series of hydrogen atom lie?

45105. Which of the following is the right expansion of ILO?

45106. Which state of India has made rain water harvesting compulsory for all houses?

45107. An electrochemical cell which is used as a source of direct electrical current at constant voltage under standard conditions is called a:

45108. In 2010 a newspaper published in 70,000th issue.Which was the newspaper?

45109. Impeachement Proceedings against the President for Violation of the Constitution can be initiated in:

45110. Who built the “Purana Quilla”?

45111. The opening ceremony of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 was held on 12 February 2015 in which cities of New Zealand and Australia?

45112. A light wave is incident over a plane surface with velocity X.After reflection the velocity becomes:

45113. The five key indicators of global climate change of our planet are:

45114. In operating system,Round Robin Scheduling means:

45115. The area reserved for the welfare of wild life is called

45116. Where did Chandragupta maurya spent his last days?

45117. Project tiger programme was launched in:

45118. The National Green Tribunal deals with cases relating to?

45119. Who was the First Speaker of the Lok Sabha?

45120. FORTRAN is called:

45121. Which Indian newspaper has the largest readership?

45122. The gas dissolved in water that makes it basic is?

45123. The biggest oil spill in world history took place in the?

45124. Among the following which country has the highest life expectancy?

45125. Yellow complexion,Medium stature,Oblique eye with an epicanthic fold is the characteristic feature of:

45126. Chromosome designation of Turner syndrome is:

45127. The redness in atmosphere at Sunrise and Sunset is due to:

45128. Which day is celebrated as International Yoga Day?

45129. December 1 is celebrated as:

45130. Distant objects are visible as a little out of focus in this condition:

45131. Maximum oxygen is available from:

45132. Which one of the following tribes practices pastoral nomadism?

45133. Who was the first Secretary General of UNO?

45134. Who is the author of ‘Indica’?

45135. In a reaction of the type A+B->C+D one could ensure it to be a first order reaction by:

45136. P.J Abdul Kalam died in 2015 at:

45137. Who wrote the book ‘I know why the caged bird sing?

45138. ’The Women of Avignon’ is an artistic work of:

45139. Who invented vacuum tube?

45140. Exponent of the theory of population

45141. In India Postal Index Number came into being in

45142. The longest river in South India

45143. The headquarters of Idukki district

45144. The Partition of Bengal was cancelled in:

45145. Appiko movement is related to

45146. ’Ananada Mahasabha’ founded by

45147. The First Catholic Sanskrit School in Kerala setup by

45148. Early name of Vaghbhatanandan

45149. Who consecrated the idol of Shiva at Aruvipuram in 1888?

45150. Who started’Al Islam’Arabic Malayalam monthly to popularize Arabic Malayalam?

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