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46351. Business rules and policies are universal.

46352. A relationship is an association representing the interaction between attributes.

46353. A binary relationship is a relationship between two or more entities.

46354. Some business rules cannot be represented in common data modeling notation.

46355. A time stamp is a time value that is associated with a data value.

46356. A logical representation of the data for an organization or for a business area is known as an entity-relationship model.

46357. A derived attribute is an attribute whose values can be calculated from a related relationship.

46358. A fact is a word or phrase that has a specific meaning for the business.

46359. A strong entity is an entity whose existence depends on some other entity type.

46360. Multiple and binary relationships are the same thing.

46361. No two attributes of the same entity type should have the same name.

46362. A binary relationship is which of the following?

46363. If there are two entities with a relationship between them, and one of the entities is completely dependent on the other, then which of the following must exist?

46364. A relationship is which of the following?

46365. Which of the following conditions should exist if you want to convert a relationship to an associative entity?

46366. A good identifier is which of the following?

46367. To measure the tapemess of a cylinder a ----------is use

46368. Swarnajayanti,Gram Swarozgar Yojana was launched in:

46369. Ranajith Singh Gold cup is associated with:

46370. The basic principle in granting fundamental rights to citizens is to give them?

46371. The headquarters of Kerala Lalita Kala Academy is at:

46372. The term Complete for a UML has the same meaning as which of the following for an EER diagram?

46373. A UML diagram includes which of the following?

46374. An object can have which of the following multiplicities?

46375. Which of the following statement is true concerning objects and/or classes?

46376. Which of the following applies to a class rather than an object?

46377. The benefits of object-oriented modeling are which of the following?

46378. The term Incomplete for a UML has the same meaning as which of the following for an EER diagram?

46379. A constructor operation does which of the following?

46380. Which of the following is a technique for hiding the internal implementation details of an object?

46381. Aggregation is which of the following?

46382. A method defines the form or protocol of the operation, but not its implementation.

46383. A class is a concept, abstraction, or thing that makes sense in an application context.

46384. In UML, a class is represented by a rectangle with three compartments separated by vertical lines.

46385. A solid diamond represents a stronger form of aggregation, known as composition.

46386. When a business rule involves three or more graphical symbols, you can show the constraint as a note and attach the note to each of the symbols by a dashed line.

46387. A derived element is typically shown by placing either a slash (/) or a stereotype of <> before the name of the element.

46388. Composition does not allow an object to be part of more than one aggregate object.

46389. In an object diagram, an object is represented as a rectangle with two compartments.

46390. An operation that alters the state of an object is known as a constructor operation.

46391. Each association has two or more roles.

46392. An aggregation is a stronger form of association relationship and is represented with a solid diamond at the aggregate end.

46393. The UML notation is useful for graphically depicting an object-oriented analysis or design model.

46394. Multiple inheritance allows a class to inherit features from more than one superclass.

46395. The reasons for overriding include extension, restriction, and optimization.

46396. An object's state is determined by its attribute values and links to other objects.

46397. The fact that the same operation may apply to two or more classes is called what?

46398. The object-oriented development life cycle is which of the following?

46399. Multiplicity is the same as what concept for an ERD?

46400. Composition is a stronger form of which of the following?

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