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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 933

46651. A workgroup typically comprises between 25 and 100 persons.

46652. The source of the data is sometimes called the system of record.

46653. Data quality problems currently cost U.S. businesses some $60 million each year (Hudica, 2003).

46654. Stand-alone databases exhibit many of the same advantages common to file processing systems.

46655. The database approach requires additional costs and risks.

46656. Data descriptions are stored in a central location called the depository.

46657. Stored representations of objects and events that have meaning and importance in the user's environment are known as a database.

46658. Another name for multimedia data is unstructured data.

46659. The most common source of database failures in an organization is the failure to implement a strong database administration function.

46660. The primary mechanism for providing context for data is metadata.

46661. A data warehouse uses:

46662. Metadata enables database designers and users to do all of the following except:

46663. Duplicate data often results in loss of data integrity because:

46664. Legacy data is which of the following?

46665. A database management system (DBMS) is a:

46666. Mitra Shakti the joint training exercise is between India and

46667. The inclination of a stair to the horizontal should be limited to------------

46668. For ranging a line,the number of ranging rods required is-----------

46669. The true meridian passes through-----------

46670. The chord of a circle is-------------

46671. A rectangle represents which of the following in an EER?

46672. Which one of the following symbols is not used in an ERD?

46673. Specialization is which of the following processes?

46674. Which of the following statements concerning business rules is true?

46675. A supertype/subtype hierarchy has which of the following features?

46676. A subtype discriminator is which of the following?

46677. When an entity instance may be a member of multiple subtypes or it does not have to be a member of a subtype, it is which of the following?

46678. A subtype entity name should be which of the following?

46679. Use of a supertype/subtype relationship is necessary when which of the following exists?

46680. Which of the following is not one of the three ways to classify an action assertion?

46681. Packaged data models are meant to be exactly right straight out of the box.

46682. An action assertion is a statement that expresses some aspect of the static structure of the organization.

46683. A supertype can only have only one subtype.

46684. There is cardinality on an EER between the supertype and subtype.

46685. A subtype discriminator of the supertype is an attribute whose values determine the target subtype(s).

46686. Overlapping and disjoint subtypes have different approaches on how the subtype discriminator is applied.

46687. An entity instance of a subtype represents the same entity instance of a supertype.

46688. A supertype is an entity type that shares common attributes or relationships distinct from other subgroupings.

46689. An ERD that has had the entities clustered will display more entities.

46690. Total specialization is represented by double lines between the supertype and subtype on an EER.

46691. Generalization is the process of defining more general entity types from a set of more specialized entity types.

46692. It is appropriate to use a supertype/subtype relationship when there are attributes that apply to some of the instances of an entity type.

46693. If an entity adheres to the disjoint rule, then an entity instance can be a member of more than one entity for a given supertype.

46694. Action assertions have traditionally been implemented within an application program.

46695. An entity cluster is a set of one or more entity types and associated relationships.

46696. An action assertion must include which of the following?

46697. An oval represents which of the following in an EER?

46698. Inheritance is which of the following?

46699. When an entity instance must be a member of only one subtype, it is which of the following?

46700. A supertype/subtype hierarchy is which of the following?

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