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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 938

46901. Mapping the SOP expression , we get ________.

46902. This food is deficient ......... vitamins.?

46903. Which disease is called ‘black water fever’?

46904. For the SOP expression , how many 0s are in the truth table's output column?

46905. Mapping the standard SOP expression , we get

46906. Which statement below best describes a Karnaugh map?

46907. In which bond alternate courses consists of headers and stretchers?

46908. Which of the examples below expresses the distributive law of Boolean algebra?

46909. In ashlar fine masonry the joint thickness is does not exceed-----

46910. Which of the following is an important feature of the sum-of-products (SOP) form of expression?

46911. An OR gate with schematic "bubbles" on its inputs performs the same functions as a(n)________ gate.

46912. Which of the examples below expresses the commutative law of multiplication?

46913. Determine the binary values of the variables for which the following standard POS expression is equal to 0.

46914. The expression W(X + YZ) can be converted to SOP form by applying which law?

46915. The commutative law of addition and multiplication indicates that:

46916. Which of the following combinations cannot be combined into K-map groups?

46917. A variable is a symbol used to represent a logical quantity that can have a value of 1 or 0.

46918. The OR function is Boolean multiplication and the AND function is Boolean addition.

46919. In Boolean algebra, A + 1 = 1.

46920. The product-of-sums (POS) is basically the ORing of ANDed terms.

46921. In Boolean algebra, = A.

46922. SOP stands for sum-of-powers.

46923. The VHDL editor provided with a schematic editor development system will produce a file with the extension .vhd, which can be used by the simulator to test the output of the logic design.

46924. In the commutative law, in ORing and ANDing of two variables, the order in which the variables are ORed or ANDed makes no difference.

46925. The binary value of 1010 is converted to the product term .

46926. Most Boolean reductions result in an equation in only one form.

46927. The symbol shown below is for a 2-input NAND gate.

46928. A Karnaugh map is similar to a truth table because it presents all the possible values of input variables and the resulting output of each value.

46929. The process of reduction or simplification of combinational logic circuits increases the cost of the circuit.

46930. By applying De Morgan's theorem to a NOR gate, two identical truth tables can be produced.

46931. Five-variable Karnaugh maps are impossible.

46932. If you need a NAND, an AND, and an inverter you would purchase a 7400 IC.

46933. The systematic reduction of logic circuits is performed using Boolean algebra.

46934. CPLD software can be used to design original circuits that prove the Boolean rules and laws.

46935. A Karnaugh map is similar to a truth table.

46936. Boolean algebra simplifies logic circuits.

46937. The Boolean expression C + CD is equal to ________.

46938. 'Vande Mataram' was first published in?

46939. Which of the following statements regarding the characteristic features of the Indus Valley people is true?

46940. World Environmental day?

46941. The gas produced by partial combustion of fuels is:?

46942. The Boolean expression is equal to ________.

46943. Who is the writer of the famous book ‘One world and India’?

46944. Which of the following is true for a 5-variable Karnaugh map?

46945. When four 1s are taken as a group on a Karnaugh map, the number of variables eliminated from the output expression is ________.

46946. In Boolean algebra, the word "literal" means ________.

46947. The Chief Minister of a Union Territory where such a set up exists, is appointed by the?

46948. Determine the values of A, B, C, and D that make the sum term equal to zero.

46949. Which of the following expressions is in the sum-of-products (SOP) form?

46950. Diagonal scale is measured to-------unit.

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