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48851. A multiplexer is a device that converts some code into a recognizable number or character.

48852. A demultiplexer takes an input and turns it into a binary number.

48853. In order to select data input I1 of a 74151 eight-line multiplexer, the select inputs must be:

48854. A device that determines which of two numbers is greater is a comparator.

48855. When outputs a, b, c, d, and g of a 7447 BCD-to-seven-segment code converter are active, the number displayed is 5.

48856. When data input I4 of a 74148 octal-to-binary encoder is active, the data output is: A0 = 1 A1 = 1 A2 = 0

48857. It is normal for more than one decoder output to be active at the same time.

48858. When data input I5 of a 74148 octal-to-binary encoder is active, the data output is: A0 = 1 A1 = 0 A2 = 0

48859. Basically, a multiplexer changes parallel data inputs to a serial output.

48860. The 74139 dual four-line demultiplexer functions as a demultiplexer if data input is on the line.

48861. Modern computers transfer data between different devices over a common set of connecting lines called a data bus.

48862. The select inputs to a multiplexer may also be called address lines.

48863. A(n) ________ is a combinational logic circuit that compares two input binary quantities and generates outputs to indicate which one has the greater magnitude.

48864. If by chance more than one of the inputs in an HDL encoder is activated at the same time, the priority encoder ________.

48865. The diagram given below shows a ________, and in order for the decimal number 3 to be displayed, terminals ________ must be ________.

48866. The Author of”Peoples bank for Northern India”is:

48867. The device that generates a coded output from a single active numeric input line is ________.

48868. The 74139 dual four-line demultiplexer functions as a decoder if ________.

48869. In HDL, the operation of the DEMUX is exactly described using a ________.

48870. When an application, such as an encoder, calls for a unique response from a circuit corresponding to a combination of its input variables, the two methods that best serve this purpose are the ________ and the ________.

48871. A(n) ________ is a logic circuit that accepts a set of inputs that represents a binary number, and activates only the output that corresponds to that input number.

48872. A 1-of-8 octal decoder has eight outputs and decodes an input of ________ bit(s).

48873. An everyday illustration of a multiplexer is ________.

48874. The binary value of the BCD number 1000 0001 (81) is ________.

48875. A decimal-to-BCD encoder has ________ data inputs.

48876. For the inputs shown in the given figure, the output is ________.

48877. The diagram given below shows a ________ being used as a(n) ________ and Y = ________.

48878. In most modern computers, the transfer of data takes place over a common set of connecting lines called a ________.

48879. An octal-to-binary encoder has eight data inputs and encodes an output of ________ bits.

48880. A typical AHDL comparator follows an algorithm described as ________.

48881. Another name for a multiplexer is ________.

48882. How many official languages are there in South Africa?

48883. For the inputs shown in the given figure, the outputs for P > Q, P = Q, and P < Q are ____, ____, and ____, respectively.

48884. A 75154 1-of-16 decoder has 16 outputs and decodes an input of ________ bits.

48885. In an AHDL BCD to binary coded converter, multiplication by 10 is performed by ________.

48886. A(n) ________ display controls the reflection of available light.

48887. The device that places its input data onto one of several outputs is a ________.

48888. A(n) ________ has a number of input lines, only one of which is activated at a given time, and produces on N-bit output code, depending on which input is activated.

48889. The device shown in below is a ________ and for the waveforms shown in the accompanying diagram, the ________ output at point X will be ________ and all others will be ________.

48890. The normal outputs of a magnitude comparator are ________.

48891. An eight-line multiplexer must have as inputs ________.

48892. Who was the famous poet in the court of Marthandavarma?

48893. Which statement below best describes the function of a decoder?

48894. One can safely state that the output lines for a demultiplexer are under the direct control of the:

48895. A boat goes from river into sea then?

48896. Refer to the keyboard encoder in figure (a). Sometimes when the 5 key is pressed, the system attached to the keypad does not respond. The 5 input on the 74147 is monitored with a digital storage scope while repeatedly pressing the 5 key, and the waveform in figure (b) is obtained; the P above the trace indicates the points at which the technician pressed the key. What is most likely wrong with the circuit?

48897. The BCD/DEC decoder shown in figure (a) is examined with a logic analyzer and the results are shown in the waveforms in figure (b). What, if anything, is wrong with the circuit?

48898. Pulse stretching, time-delay, and pulse generation are all easily accomplished with which type of multivibrator circuit?

48899. The internal circuitry of the 555 timer consists of ________, an R-S flip-flop, a transistor switch, an output buffer amplifier, and a voltage divider.

48900. With most monostable multivibrators, what is the Q output when no input trigger has occurred?

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