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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 980

49001. Convert the following octal number to binary. 1048

49002. 3 × 101 + 7 × 100 is equal to ________.

49003. 3428 is the decimal value for which of the following binary-coded decimal (BCD) groupings?

49004. The binary-coded decimal (BCD) system can be used to represent each of the 10 decimal digits as a(n):

49005. The decimal number 18 is equal to the binary number ________.

49006. The 2's complement of 11100111 is ________.

49007. Convert the following decimal number to BCD. 469

49008. Express the decimal number –37 as an 8-bit number in sign-magnitude.

49009. Convert the following BCD number to decimal. 010101101001bcd

49010. The binary number 11001110 is equal to the decimal number ________.

49011. The binary number for F3A16 is ________.

49012. Convert the following BCD number to decimal. 100000000011bcd

49013. Convert the following hexadecimal number to binary. 14B16

49014. What is the result when a decimal 5238 is converted to base 16?

49015. The octal number for binary 1101110101110110 is ________.

49016. Convert the following hexadecimal number to decimal. 1CF16

49017. Convert the binary number 1011010 to hexadecimal.

49018. Convert the following decimal number to hexadecimal. 74

49019. Convert hexadecimal C0B to binary.

49020. Convert binary 1001 to hexadecimal.

49021. Convert 73116 to decimal.

49022. What is the decimal value of the hexadecimal number 777?

49023. Convert 110010012 (binary) to decimal.

49024. Convert the following decimal number to octal. 39

49025. The American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) uses how many individual pulses for any given character?

49026. Convert the following hexadecimal number to decimal. B516

49027. The BCD number for decimal 16 is ________.

49028. Alphanumeric codes should include as a minimum:

49029. Convert 52716 to binary.

49030. Convert 5278 to binary.

49031. The base of the hexadecimal system is:

49032. Assign the proper even parity bit to the code 1100001.

49033. Select one of the following statements that best describes the parity method of error detection.

49034. Which of the following is the primary advantage of using the BCD code instead of straight binary coding?

49035. How many BCD code bits and how many straight binary bits would be required to represent the decimal number 643?

49036. When using the repeated division by 2 method of converting from decimal to binary, one must write the first remainder as the:

49037. In ASCII code, the hexadecimal sequence 53 54 55 44 45 4E 54 decodes to STUDENT.

49038. A decimal number is converted to BCD by replacing each decimal digit with the appropriate 3-bit binary code.

49039. A decimal fraction can be converted to binary by using the repeated division-by-2 method.

49040. 1510 = 11112 = F16 = 00010101 BCD

49041. Hex is often used in digital applications as a shorthand way to represent strings of bits.

49042. The binary number system is fundamental to all digital computers.

49043. Repeated division-by-10 is used to convert decimal numbers to binary numbers.

49044. The largest single BCD digit has a binary value of 15.

49045. A byte has 8 bits.

49046. A binary number can be converted to a decimal number by summing the decimal values of the weights of all the 1s in the binary number.

49047. Binary-coded-decimal numbers use only binary numbers between 0000 and 1001.

49048. A good example of the use of a digital representation of an analog quantity is the audio recording of music.

49049. Each position in a decimal multidigit number will have a weighting factor based on a power of only 10.

49050. The BCD equivalent of 73 is 01001001.

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