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1. The radius of curvature of the arc of the bubble tube is generally kept

2. If S is the length of a subchord and R is the radius of simple curve, the angle of deflection between its tangent and sub-chord, in minutes, is equal to

3. The real image of an object formed by the objective, must lie

4. In chain surveying tie lines are primarily provided

5. One of the Lehmann's rules of plane tabling, is

6. If f1 and f2 are the distances from the optical centre of a convex lens of focal length f to conjugate two points P1 and P2 respectively, the following relationship holds good

7. The accuracy of measurement in chain surveying, does not depend upon

8. If arithmetic sum of latitudes of a closed traverse is ∑Lat and closing error in latitude is dx, the correction for a side whose latitude is l, as given by Transit Rule, is

9. Closed contours of decreasing values towards their centre, represent

10. If a 30 m chain diverges through a perpendicular distance d from its correct alignment, the error in length, is

11. Diopter is the power of a lens having a focal length of

12. An imaginary line joining the points of equal elevation on the surface of the earth, represents

13. The 'fix' of a plane table station with three known points, is bad if the plane table station lies

14. If R is the radius of the main curve, θ the angle of deflection, S the shift and L the length of the transition curve, then, total tangent length of the curve, is

15. In chain surveying field work is limited to

16. Two concave lenses of 60 cm focal length are cemented on either side of a convex lens of 15 cm focal length. The focal length of the combination is

17. If θ is the vertical angle of an inclined sight, δ is the angle of tilt of the staff, the error

18. One of the tacheometric constants is additive, the other constant, is

19. The limiting length of an offset does not depend upon

20. In quadrantal bearing system, back bearing of a line may be obtained from its forward bearing, by

21. If L is the perimeter of a closed traverse, ΔD is the closing error in departure, the correction for the departure of a traverse side of length l, according to Bowditch rule, is

22. Pick up the method of surveying in which field observations and plotting proceed simultaneously from the following

23. While viewing through a level telescope and moving the eye slightly, a relative movement occurs between the image of the levelling staff and the cross hairs. The instrument is

24. Accuracy of 'fix' by two point problem, is

25. A bearing of a line is also known as

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