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66151. Who is the author of “ Between the Assassinations”?

Answer: Arvind Adiga

66152. First Chief Minister of Kerala who was born in the 19th century was ?

Answer: Pattom A Thanu Pillai.

66153. Who is the author of The Plague ?

Answer: Albert Camus

66154. Twinkenhem (England) is associated with which Sport?

Answer: Rugby

66155. Who is the author of “Idiot”?

Answer: Fyodor Dostoyevsky

66156. Who is the author of “ Ramanan”?

Answer: Changampuzha Krishna Pilla

66157. Demosthenese; who was he?

Answer: A world famous Greek orator

66158. What is known as 'Wagon Tragedy' ?

Answer: During Malabar Rebellion; 61 of 90 Mappilas carried by the British as prisoners in a closed railway goods wagon from Tirur to Coimbatore on November 10; 1921 died of suffocation.

66159. Amerigo Vespucci who identified America belonged to?

Answer: Italy

66160. Who is the author of Daughter of the East?

Answer: Benazir Bhutto

66161. Who is known as "Pioneer Englishman"?

Answer: Master Ralph Fitch

66162. The Capital of Chad?

Answer: N’ Djamena

66163. Highest Filling Station?

Answer: Petrol pump at Leh at 3658 m. It is operated by Indian Oil Corporation.

66164. Central Plantation crops research institute is in?

Answer: Kasargod

66165. Education was made without caste discrimination and free in Travancore in?

Answer: 1904

66166. Who is the author of “Summer in Kolkata”?

Answer: Madhavikutty (Kamala Surayya)

66167. Who is the author of Moti Mahal ?

Answer: Gopinath Mohanty

66168. Was agreement was signed between India and Pakistan after the 1971 battles?

Answer: The Shimla Agreement in 1972

66169. Who is the First Vice President of America?

Answer: John Adams

66170. Who was considered as the evil spirit by the Persians?

Answer: Ahriman

66171. Who is the creator of the famous characters “Mr. Micawber; Jacob Marley”

Answer: Charles Dickens

66172. The first Super Computer installed in India is?

Answer: Cray X-MP -14(Made in USA)

66173. Christianity was spread to Kerala by ?

Answer: St. Thomas Aposthel in 52AD (Crangannore)

66174. Who is the author of Jungle Girl ?

Answer: Ginu Karnani

66175. Who is the author of “Thank You Jeeves”?

Answer: P.G.Wodehouse

66176. First Commander-in-Chief of free India?

Answer: General Cariappa

66177. Stock exchange Index of Singapore is ?

Answer: Simex

66178. Who completed the construction of the Gopuram of Sreepadmanabha swami Temple?

Answer: Raja Kesava Das.

66179. The Capital of Honduras?

Answer: Tegucigalpa

66180. American President who was known as Smiling President?

Answer: Eisonhower

66181. Who is the oldest President of America?

Answer: Donald Trump

66182. Who was responsible for the connection between Sree Narayana Guru and Swami Vivekananda?

Answer: Dr. Palpu

66183. Who is the inventor of Nuclear Fission?

Answer: Otto Hahn

66184. Which was the first official stock exchange in the world?

Answer: The Amsterdam Stock exchange created in 1602

66185. Who is the author of “Ayalkar”?

Answer: P. Kesava Dev

66186. Pisciculture is?

Answer: The art of rearing fishes.

66187. Name the digestive enzyme that converts Proteins to peptones is ?

Answer: Trypsin

66188. Floriculture is?

Answer: Cultivation of flowering plants.

66189. Who is the author of Death of a Salesman (Drama)?

Answer: Arthur Miller

66190. Who is the only person to head the Ministries of Travancore; Thiru-Kochi and Kerala?

Answer: Pattam A.Thanu Pillai.

66191. The Capital of Luxembourg?

Answer: Luxembourg

66192. During which period of evolution The Barter system of exchange came into practice ?

Answer: Neolithic period

66193. The Currency of U.K.?

Answer: Pound (Sterling)

66194. Who is the author of “Father and Sons”?

Answer: Ivan Turgenev

66195. Who is the author of Old man and the Sea?

Answer: Ernest Hemingway

66196. Who is the creator of the famous character Thripura Sundari Kujamma?

Answer: C.V.Ramanpilla

66197. Who is the first circum navigator (who sailed around the world) in 1519?

Answer: Ferdinant D Megallan of Portugal

66198. The system of Parliament originated in England during the period of ?

Answer: Henry I

66199. The oxygenated blood from the lungs is received by the heart in ?

Answer: Left auricle.

66200. Countries to the south of USA are collectively called ?

Answer: Latin America
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