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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1373

68651. Vitamin B9 is also called?

Answer: Folic acid

68652. Who is the author of “Shadow from Ladakh”?

Answer: B h a b a n i Bhattacharya

68653. Communist Manifesto was jointly written by?

Answer: Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in 1848

68654. Who is the author of “The Google Story”?

Answer: David A. Vise

68655. Who presided over The Payyannur Political Conference held in May 1928?

Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru

68656. Devadasi System in the temples of South Travancore was abolished during the regency of?

Answer: Setu Lekshmi Bai.

68657. Who is the author of Monsoon ?

Answer: Wilbur Smith

68658. Who is the author of the work Odayilninnu in 1942?

Answer: Kesavadev

68659. Who invented the Flying Shuttle for weaving cloth?

Answer: John Kay (1733)

68660. Insects which feed on waste material such as dead bodies; debris etc are called?

Answer: Scavengers

68661. The Capital of Denmark?

Answer: Copenhagen

68662. Who is the author of “Shishyanum Makanum”?

Answer: Vallathol Narayana Menon

68663. Who is the creator of the famous characters “Palani; Karuthamma”

Answer: Thakazhi

68664. Bacteriology is the study of?

Answer: Bacteria.

68665. Who is known as the Malayalam Romantic poet”?

Answer: Kumaranasan (1873-1924)

68666. Which was the first football tournament in Kerala?

Answer: Sri Mulam Cup Tournament

68667. Rene Frank Trophy is associated with?

Answer: Hockey

68668. Defence Service Staff College is located at?

Answer: Wellington; Nilgiri Hills (Tamil Nadu).

68669. Who is the author of “Maurice”?

Answer: E.M Forster

68670. Who is the author of “ Pakalukal”?

Answer: Dr.Ayyappa Panicker

68671. What is the National game of America?

Answer: Baseball

68672. The brain behind the Ezhava Memorial was ?

Answer: Dr. Palpu

68673. First Asian to claim Chess' World Title?

Answer: Viswanathan Anand

68674. A literary work that uses exaggeration or imitation for ridicule is known as?

Answer: Burlesque

68675. Largest existing Land animal?

Answer: Elephant

68676. Who is the author of “Our Theruvinte Katha”?

Answer: S K Pottekadu

68677. Who is the author of “Vinaya Patrika”?

Answer: Thulasi Das

68678. Paper was invented by ?

Answer: The Chinese

68679. World Development Report classifies Economies according to their?

Answer: GNP per capita

68680. Kerala's first private PM station Radio Mango 91.9 was launched on?

Answer: 29 November 2007 in Kozhikode

68681. Which Kunjali adopted the titles "King of the Moors' and 'Lord of the Indian Seas'?

Answer: Muhammed Kunjali; the fourth and last Kunjali.

68682. Who is the author of “Krishnagatha”?

Answer: Cherusseri

68683. Who is the author of “Revenue Stamp”?

Answer: The Amrita Pritam

68684. Who was the head of the first democratically elected communist government in the world?

Answer: EMS Namboothiripad

68685. Largest blood cell in human body?

Answer: Monocytes

68686. ‘Welfare definition of economics’ was given by?

Answer: Alfred Marshall

68687. …..is given to environment friendly products of BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards)?

Answer: Ecomark

68688. Who is the inventor of Radio Telephone?

Answer: Lee De Forest

68689. Grand Kerala Shopping Festival is Asia's largest shopping festival conducted every year from?

Answer: 1st December to 15th January

68690. Who is the author of Angels and Demons ?

Answer: George Orwell

68691. Who is the author of “Going After Cacciato”?

Answer: Tim 0' Brien

68692. Who is the author of “Wake up India”?

Answer: Annie Besant

68693. Who is the author of “The Plague”?

Answer: Albert Camus

68694. Starting up an operating system is called ?

Answer: Booting

68695. Who is the author of “The Warof Indian Independence”?

Answer: V.D.Sarvarkar

68696. Who is the inventor of Parachute?

Answer: Andre-Jacques

68697. Stock exchange Index of Korea is ?

Answer: Kospa

68698. Who is the author of “Talisman”?

Answer: Walter Scott

68699. Who is the first woman to climb mount Everest ?

Answer: Junko Tabei

68700. “It is possible to fail in many ways; while to succeed is possible only in one way”?

Answer: Aristotle
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