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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1404

70201. I.F.A. Shield is associated with?

Answer: Football (Calcutta)

70202. Who is the author of Law Verses Justice?

Answer: V.R. Krishna Iyer

70203. Who is the author of “Past and Present”?

Answer: Thomas Carlyle

70204. Which was the last ruling dynasty of China?

Answer: Ching dynasty or the Manchus

70205. Who is the author of “Thieves in the Night”?

Answer: Arthur Koestler

70206. Who is the author of Freedom at Midnight ?

Answer: Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre

70207. Who is the father of Indian Green Revolution ?

Answer: M.S. Swaminathan

70208. Whis is the Smallest seeds?

Answer: Orchid seeds

70209. The Eravikulam was declared as a NationalPark in?

Answer: 1978

70210. The year in whichTelegraph system started in Travancore is?

Answer: 1863

70211. Who was the immediate successor of prophet Muhammed or first Khalifa?

Answer: Abubekker

70212. Who is the author of “Facts and Facts”?

Answer: Khan Abdul WaliKhan

70213. Which missionary is the author of Samkshepa Vedartham (1772)?

Answer: Clement Pianos

70214. Who is the author of Hindu View of Life?

Answer: Dr Radhakrishnan

70215. Which king of England was dethroned through the Bloodless Revolution ?

Answer: James II

70216. Musiris is the old name of?

Answer: Kodungallur

70217. Who is the author of “ Burial at Sea”?

Answer: Khushwant Singh

70218. Who is the author of “The Namesake”?

Answer: Jumpa Lahiri

70219. Who is the author of “Faces of Everest”?

Answer: Maj H P SAhluwalia

70220. Agricultural University with its headquarters at Mannuthi in Thrissur was founded in?

Answer: 1971

70221. Who was the first Olympian of Kerala?

Answer: C K Lakshman

70222. Who is the inventor of Printing Press?

Answer: Caxton

70223. Who is the inventor of Tuberculosis bacilli?

Answer: Robert Koch

70224. Father of DNA Finger Printing ?

Answer: Prof.Alec Jeffreys

70225. Who is the author of “‘Life and Times’”?

Answer: V.V.Giri

70226. Who is the author of I too Had a Dream ?

Answer: Dr. Varghese Kurian

70227. Who is the author of "Indian Philosophy;"?

Answer: Dr. S.Radhakrishnan

70228. Palynology is the study of ?

Answer: Pollen and spores

70229. The Opium wars were fought between ?

Answer: Britain and China

70230. Which is the official publication of Kerala Bhasha Institute?

Answer: Vijnana Kairali

70231. Father of Cytology?

Answer: Robert Hook

70232. Who is the author of The Castle?

Answer: Franz Kafka

70233. Programme 150 is the first Robert developed by ?

Answer: C-DAC

70234. Land of Thousand Elephants?

Answer: Laos

70235. Theory of Games and Economic Behavior was written by ?

Answer: John Von Neumann and Oskar Morgenstern

70236. Indian Toxicology Research Centre is located at?

Answer: Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh).

70237. Who is the inventor of Computer (electronic)?

Answer: J . G . Brainerd J.P.Eckert & J.W.Manchly

70238. Who is the author of ‘Pracheena Malayalam’?

Answer: Chatampi Swamikal

70239. Who is the author of “ Socialistic Evening”?

Answer: Shobha De

70240. Largest ape is ?

Answer: Gorilla

70241. First Indian Woman to win an Olympic Medal?

Answer: Karnam Malleswari

70242. Who is the author of “The cat and Shakesphere”?

Answer: Raja Rao

70243. Who is the author of “Surgakanthi”?

Answer: G. Sankara Kurup

70244. Who is the author of “Story of My Experiments with Truth”?

Answer: Gandhiji

70245. Central Sanskrit Institute is located at?

Answer: Tirupati (Andhra Pradesh)

70246. CT Scanning (Computed Tomographic Scanning) - Developed by ?

Answer: Godfrey Hounsfield in 1968(Nobel Prize in 1979)

70247. Walker Cup is associated with?

Answer: Golf (England)

70248. Central Electro - Chemical Research Institute is located at?

Answer: Karaikudi (Tamil Nadu).

70249. Panniyar hydroelectric project is located in?

Answer: Idukki

70250. Which is an eye ailment that causes increased pressure within the eye ball?

Answer: Glaucoma
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