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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1407

70351. The Currency of Sudan?

Answer: Sudanese Pound

70352. The Currency of Russia?

Answer: Rouble

70353. Who is the author of Idiot ?

Answer: Fyodor Dostoyevsky

70354. The Currency of British Honduras?

Answer: Dollar

70355. Name the disease caused by the bite of a mad dog?

Answer: Rabies or Hydrophobia

70356. The Capital of Sierra Leone?

Answer: Freetown

70357. The Commonsense?

Answer: Thomas Paine

70358. The first women's prison was established in 1996 at?


70359. Who is the creator of the famous characters “Dr. Watson; Sherlock Holmes”

Answer: Arthur Conan Doyle

70360. Who is the author of “Seven Lamps of Architecture”?

Answer: John Ruskin

70361. Vivekachudamani; Updeshasahasri; Atmabodha; Mohamudgara; Sivanandalahari and Saundarya lahari are the poems composed by?

Answer: Sankaracharya

70362. Who is the author of “Liberty and Death”?

Answer: Patrick French

70363. ‘Vitruvian Man’ also called the Canon of Proportions is the world famous drawing by?

Answer: Leonardo da Vinchi

70364. The Chief Court became the High Court during the diwanship of?

Answer: Shanmukham Chettiyar

70365. Institute of Microbial Technology is located at?

Answer: Hyderabad.

70366. Who is the inventor of Air-brake?

Answer: G e o r g e Westinghouse

70367. Which philospher was considered as a 'Walking University'?

Answer: Aristotle

70368. Blood sucking Leech possess anti coagulant called ?

Answer: Hirudin

70369. Who is the author of Wonder That Was India ?

Answer: A L Basham

70370. The first systematic census of Travancore was taken on May 18; 1875 by?

Answer: AyilyamThirunal.

70371. Chin dynasty of China was founded by ?

Answer: Shih Hwangti

70372. Highest Volcano (World)?

Answer: Cotopoxi (Andes; Eucador)

70373. James Bond

Answer: Ian Fleming

70374. American stock exchange is situated in New York at?

Answer: Wall Street

70375. "Thirumukathu Pilla;"

Answer: c.V.Ramanpilla

70376. The scientific name of Cashew is?

Answer: Anacardium Occidentale

70377. The official name of Japan is ?

Answer: Nippon or Nihon; (means the source of the Sun)

70378. 'Uncle Tom's Cabin" of Harriet Beechstowe was published for the first time in?

Answer: 1852

70379. The Currency of Israel?

Answer: New Shekel

70380. Ancient religion of Japan?

Answer: Shintoism

70381. Who is the author of “For Whom the Bell Tolls”?

Answer: Ernest Hemingway

70382. Who is the author of Childhood?

Answer: Maxim Gorky

70383. Who is the author of “Dream of Fair to Middling women”?

Answer: Samuel Beckett

70384. Who were the Chief Ministers of Dharmaraja?

Answer: Ayyappan Marthanda Pillai and Raja kesava Das

70385. Who is the author of “Tsunami - 7 Hours that Shook the World”?

Answer: Satinder Blndra

70386. Who appointed Veluthampi as his commerce minister and then the Dalawa of Travancore?

Answer: Balarama Varma

70387. Who is the author of “ A Suitable Boy”?

Answer: Vikram Seth

70388. Largest physical and chemical molecules for cell are?

Answer: Proteins

70389. Vittal Trophy is associated with?

Answer: Football

70390. The scientific name of Peacock is?

Answer: Pavo cristatus

70391. Who is the author of “ Duravastha”?

Answer: Kumaranasan

70392. Christianity reached England for the first time by the coming of?

Answer: Romans

70393. Who is the author of Divine Life ?

Answer: Swami Sivananda

70394. Who is the author of 'Ardhanareeswara Sthothram' ?

Answer: Sree Narayana Guru

70395. Garden City?

Answer: Chicago

70396. Who is the author of “ Nalukettu “?

Answer: M.T.Vasudevan Nair

70397. HIV is a ?

Answer: RNA virus.

70398. The Capital of Gambia?

Answer: Banjul

70399. The Capital of U.S.A.?

Answer: Washington D.C.

70400. The term' Biology' is coined by which French naturalist?

Answer: Jean Lamarck.
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