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70901. Who is the author of “The Bell Jar”?

Answer: Sylvia Plath

70902. The Currency of Czechoslovakia?

Answer: Koruna

70903. Who was the First Keralite Athlete to participate in Olympics?

Answer: Suresh Babu

70904. Who is the author of “Ramayana”?

Answer: Valmiki (in Sanskrit)

70905. Who is the inventor of Tyre (Pneumatic)?

Answer: Dunlop

70906. Kunjalis were four in number. Who was the first Kunjali?

Answer: Kutti Ali

70907. Who is the founder of Twitter ?

Answer: Ivan Williams

70908. Which is the first Malayalam film to win the National Film Award for Best feature film?

Answer: Chemmeen {based on a story by Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai}

70909. City of Seven Hills?

Answer: Rome (Italy)

70910. Which is the world's first film with a single actor in the star cast?

Answer: The Guard (2001)

70911. Who is the author of “Testament of Beauty”?

Answer: Robert Bridges

70912. Which was a gold coin of ancient Kerala believed to have been introduced by Parasurama. ?

Answer: 'Rasi’

70913. Who is the author of “Indian Philosophy”?

Answer: Dr.S.Radhakrishnan

70914. Who is the author of Man and Superman ?

Answer: George Bernard Shaw

70915. The Chinese Revolution took place in ?

Answer: 1911

70916. Who is the author of Naganandan King ?

Answer: Harsha Vardhan

70917. Merdeka is associated with?

Answer: Football (Asian)

70918. Who succeeded Marthandavarma to the throne of Travancore?

Answer: Karthika Tirunal Rama Varma (Dharmaraja)

70919. Sadhujana Paripalana Sangham was later renamed as?

Answer: Pulaya Mahasabha

70920. Who is the author of Human Knowledge ?

Answer: Bertrand Russell

70921. Who is the author of “Tulsi Sat Sai”?

Answer: Tulsidas

70922. Inter-relationship of DNA; RNA and Protein commonly called ?

Answer: Central Dogma of life.

70923. Who is the author of “ Erupathinalu Vrutham”?

Answer: Ezhuthachan

70924. Economic botany is the study of ?

Answer: Study of plants of economic use or value

70925. Dr. B.C. Roy Trophy is associated with?

Answer: National Football (Junior)

70926. Who is the author of “Onakazhcha”?

Answer: Lalitham bika Antharjenam

70927. The thermoregulatory centre of the human body is?

Answer: Hypothalamus

70928. Which boundary line separates America and Canada?

Answer: 49th Parallel

70929. The condition when haemoglobin content of the blood falls below normal is termed?

Answer: Anaemia.

70930. Which year India government formally launched Pulse Polio Campaign?

Answer: 1994

70931. The Malabar Rebellion was in?

Answer: 1921

70932. Which is a popular ritual form of worship of North Malabar in Kerala?

Answer: Theyyam

70933. Who is known as the Father of history?

Answer: Herodotus

70934. The technique of printing was first developed by ?

Answer: The Chinese

70935. Who is the author of “ Shalimar”?

Answer: Manohar Malgonkar

70936. Who is the author of “The Third World in the Age of Globalisation”?

Answer: Ash Narain Roy

70937. Chakola Gold Trophy is associated with?

Answer: Football

70938. Who is the author of “Aeneid”?

Answer: Virgil

70939. Coldest Place (World)?

Answer: Ve r k h o y a n s k (Siberia) –85O

70940. The Capital of Ukraine?

Answer: Kiev

70941. Who is the creator of the famous characters “Suhara; Majeed; Narayani”

Answer: Vaikom Muhammed Basheer

70942. Which fish was declared as ths;official fish of Kerala in 2010?

Answer: Etroplus (pearl spot)

70943. DOS (Disc Operating System) was developed by ?

Answer: Tim Patterson

70944. Who is the author of Great Expectations?

Answer: Charles Dickens

70945. Theory of Population was propounded by ?

Answer: Thomas Malthus

70946. Who is the author of “Atoms of Hope”?

Answer: Mohan Sundar Rajan

70947. Who is the author of “ Mothiram”?

Answer: Karoor Neelakanda Pillai

70948. Lady Rattan Tata Trophy is associated with?

Answer: Hockey

70949. First Indian state to pass a Sports Bill is?

Answer: Kerala

70950. Broadest Street (World)?

Answer: Broadway St. (USA)
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