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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1429

71451. Who is the author of Time Machine ?

Answer: H.G. Wells

71452. Shortest Day?

Answer: December 22 (in N o r t h e r n Hemisphere)

71453. Who is the author of “ Velichathil”?

Answer: Balamani Amma

71454. Who is the author of “Imaging India”?

Answer: Nandan Nilekani

71455. Who is the author of Wuthering Heights?

Answer: Emily Bronte

71456. First conference of the Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee(K.P.C.C.) was held on?

Answer: 23 April 1921.

71457. The Capital of Cambodia?

Answer: Phnom-Penh

71458. The Currency of Syria?

Answer: Syrian Pound Dinar

71459. Stock exchange Index of Brazil is?

Answer: Bove spa

71460. Who is the author of “The Lotus Eaters”?

Answer: Alfred Tennyson

71461. "Kerala Simham' is a historical novel written Pazhassi Raja by ?

Answer: Sardar K.M. Panicker

71462. Murugappa Gold Cup is associated with?

Answer: Hockey

71463. Dengue fever is spread by?

Answer: Aedes aegypti mosquitoes.

71464. Who is the author of From Surprise to Victory ?

Answer: Gen. V.P. Malik

71465. Which organ of the body is affected by Bright's disease?

Answer: Kidney

71466. Who is the author of “India in Slow Motion”?

Answer: Mark Tully

71467. Who is the author of “ Seven summers”?

Answer: Mulk Raj Anand

71468. Name computer literacy programme launched in Malappuram District in Kerala?

Answer: Akshaya Project

71469. Who started ‘Mitavadi magazine’ from Tellicherry in 1907?

Answer: Moorkoth Kumaran

71470. Who is the author of Pakistan Crisis ?

Answer: David Loshak

71471. Who is the author of “I am not an island”?

Answer: K.A.Abbas

71472. Kunchan Memorial is situated in?

Answer: Lakkidi

71473. Presbiopia; a disease of the eye; also known as age sightness Can be removed by ?

Answer: Bifocal Lens

71474. The normal blood pressure of a healthy adult is?

Answer: 120/180 mm/Hg.

71475. Who is the inventor of Beriberi (cause)?

Answer: Eijkman

71476. Which see animal shows parantal care?

Answer: Hippocampus (sea horse)

71477. Who is the author of Human Factor?

Answer: Graham Greene

71478. In Travancore who introduced the direct management of Devaswams by Government ?

Answer: Col. Monro.

71479. Who is the author of “ Oruthulli Velicham”?

Answer: O.N.V Kurup

71480. Which place is known as the Bermingham of Central Africa?

Answer: Sinja – Trophus

71481. Which was the first known Kathaprasangham?

Answer: Markhandeya Charitham performed by Sathyadevan in the model of Harikatha

71482. Who is the author of “To the Lighthouse”?

Answer: Virginia Woolf

71483. Who were the two leaders of reformation in Switzerland?

Answer: Ulrich Zwingli and John Calvin

71484. The" Electricity Agitation" Which agitation was organised in Cochi against the privitization of Electricity supply in Cochin Town?

Answer: Diwan R.K. Shanmukham Chetti

71485. Who is the author of “Doctor's Dilemma”?

Answer: George Bernard Shaw

71486. Which country is known as the 'Britain of the East'?

Answer: Japan

71487. Who was the founder of Kerala Deepika, the first malayalam paper published from Malabar?

Answer: Chengulathu Kunhirama Menon

71488. Which district is known as Migrants District?

Answer: Idukki

71489. Florence Chadwik is associated with which Sport?

Answer: Skiing

71490. The heartbeat of a child is around?

Answer: l40/min

71491. Panama got the Panama Canal from US in?

Answer: 1999

71492. City of Quiet thoroughfares?

Answer: Venice

71493. Rowing Training Centre in Kerala was founded at?

Answer: Alappuzha in 1987

71494. Who is the author of The Snows of Kilimanjaro?

Answer: Earnest Hemingway.

71495. Who is the author of “Life and Times”?

Answer: V.V.Giri

71496. How many countries are members of OPEC?

Answer: 11

71497. Biopsy test is used to diagnose?

Answer: Cancer

71498. Who is considered as the founder of Judaism?

Answer: Mosses

71499. Fatty acids and glycerol are absorbed into …..?

Answer: Lymph

71500. Who is the author of “Murder in the Cathedral”?

Answer: T.S. Eliot
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