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71551. Which is the largest elephant park in the world?

Answer: Punnathur Kotta Elephant Sanctuary

71552. Longest Railway (World)?

Answer: T r a n - S i b e r i a n Railway from Moscow to Nakhodka; 9438 km.

71553. Mushika Vamsa Mahakavya was written by poet ?

Answer: Athula

71554. The Hebrew word "Thorah' means?

Answer: 'to lead'

71555. The Goal of Cartegena Protocol was?

Answer: To preserve bio diversity & Bio-safety protocols

71556. Who is the author of “The Judgement”?

Answer: Kuldip Nayar

71557. The Currency of Honduras?

Answer: Lempira

71558. Which missionary is the author of Keralappazhama?

Answer: Dr.Herman Gundert

71559. ദേശീയ മനുഷ്യാവകാശ കമ്മിഷനെ നിയമിക്കുന്നത് ? [Desheeya manushyaavakaasha kammishane niyamikkunnathu ?]

Answer: രാഷ്ട്രപതി [Raashdrapathi]

71560. The birthplace of Sree Narayana Guru was?

Answer: Chernpazhanthy in Trivandrum district on 20 August 1855 (Vayalvarathu Veedu)

71561. Time and Money was written by ?Friedrich Hayek

Answer: Friedrich Hayek

71562. Who was the editor of 'Malayali' published from Kollam?

Answer: Swadeshabhimani Ramakrishnapilla

71563. Who is the author of “ Kavya Narthaki “?

Answer: Changampuzha Krishna Pilla

71564. Who discovered Monsoon winds in 45 AD ?

Answer: Hippalus

71565. Who is the author of Rainbow ?

Answer: Pearl S. Buck

71566. Who is the author of “Magic seeds”?

Answer: V.S.Naipaul

71567. Which writer is known a Bepoor Sulthan”?

Answer: Vaikom Muhammed Basheer

71568. Who is the author of “ Kerala Sahitya Charitham (5 vol 7 part) “?

Answer: Uloor S Parameshwara Iyer

71569. Who is the author of 'Vedanta Saram"?

Answer: Chatampi Swamikal

71570. The functional unit of kidneys is called ?

Answer: Nephron

71571. Who is the author of “Mayor of Casterbridge”?

Answer: Thomas Hardy

71572. American Capitalism was written by ?

Answer: John Kenneth Galbraith

71573. Who is the author of . Lady with the Lap Dog?

Answer: Anton Chekhov

71574. Longest combined Highway?

Answer: The Yangtse River Bridge

71575. A well known German philosopher who argued that God is dead and therefore people were free to create their own values is?

Answer: Friedrich Nietzsche

71576. Who is the inventor of Airplane with motor?

Answer: Orville and Wright

71577. Who is the author of “The Grass is singing”?

Answer: Doris Lessing

71578. Who is the author of Kashmir A Tragedy of Errors?

Answer: Tavleen Singh

71579. Swine flue is caused by ?

Answer: H1N1 Virus

71580. Who is the author of “ Marthanda Varma “?

Answer: CV Raman Pillai

71581. Who is the author of Principia ?

Answer: Isaac Newton

71582. Which country is the largest producer of Coal in the world?

Answer: China

71583. Which missionary is the author of Varthamanapustakam (1785)?

Answer: Paramekkal Thomakathanar

71584. Industrial Revolution gave rise to ?

Answer: Capitalism

71585. The Punnapra Vayalar Upheaval occured in ?

Answer: 1-Sep-46

71586. Smallest bird is?

Answer: Humming bird

71587. The Capital of Vanuatu?

Answer: Vila

71588. Who is the author of “The Upturned Soil”?

Answer: Mikhail Sholokhov

71589. Ferozepur is on the bank of which River?

Answer: Sutlej

71590. ദേശീയ മനുഷ്യാവകാശ കമ്മിഷനിലെ അംഗങ്ങളുടെ എണ്ണം? [Desheeya manushyaavakaasha kammishanile amgangalude ennam?]

Answer: 5

71591. Who was the producer and direction of the first silent movie Vigathakumaran?

Answer: JC Daniel

71592. Who is the author of “ Some Inner Fury”?

Answer: Kamala Markandaya

71593. Which is the Sangham work that mentions about the spread of Buddhism in Kerala?

Answer: Manimekhalai

71594. Who was the Kurichya leader who assisted Pazhassi Raja in the guerilla warfare ?

Answer: Talakkal Chandu

71595. Costliest City (World)?

Answer: London

71596. Who is the inventor of Electric Current; Induction of?

Answer: Michael Faraday

71597. Who is the author of “Karutha pakshiyude pattu”?

Answer: O.N.V Kurup

71598. Which King of Travancore formulated the first Legislative Council in an Indian State in 1888?

Answer: Sri Mulam Thirunal

71599. Who is the author of The Power and Glory?

Answer: Graham Greene

71600. Who is the author of Ape and Essence ?

Answer: Aldus Huxley
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