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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1524

76201. വീൽസ് ഡിസീസ്? [Veelsu disees?]

Answer: എലിപ്പനി [Elippani]

76202. Under which Article of the Constitution are the Cultural and Educational Rights granted?

Answer: Article 29 and 30

76203. Which country has the highest agricultural production in Europe?

Answer: France

76204. Which is the plant hormone that induces cell division?

Answer: Auxins

76205. One molecule of hemoglobin can carry how many atom of oxygen?

Answer: 8

76206. By which Radio waves of constant amplitude can be generated?

Answer: Oscillator

76207. What is a Dental formula of man?

Answer: 2123/2123

76208. How is the electric potential at the centre of a charged conductor?

Answer: Same as on the surface

76209. The First Anglo-Burmese War was concluded by a treaty Which is that?

Answer: Treaty of Yandaboo

76210. Which metal is used for generation of Nuclear Power?

Answer: Uranium

76211. Which acid is produced when milk gets sour?

Answer: Lactic acid

76212. Which was the first association to be formed?

Answer: Bangabhasa Pradesika Sabha

76213. On which river are Tikarpara and Jaraj dams constructed under a multipurpose project?

Answer: Mahanadi

76214. Why does happen Short sightedness?

Answer: Due to elongation of eye balls

76215. According to the Govt. of India Act of 1935; India had been divided into how many provinces?

Answer: 11

76216. Which fungus makes symbiotic relationship with the root of higher plant?

Answer: Mycorrhizae

76217. Department of Border Management is a Department of which Union Ministry?

Answer: Ministry of Home Affairs

76218. Lake Sambhar is nearest to which city of Rajasthan?

Answer: Jaipur

76219. Which Mughal emperor’s tomb is outside India?

Answer: Jahangir

76220. Which is a metamorphic rock?

Answer: Slate

76221. Automatic approval upto 51 % in the infrastructure seety was given in which year?

Answer: 1991

76222. Which plant only produce seed but not fruit?

Answer: Cycus

76223. The intensity of insolation depends on which line?

Answer: Latitude

76224. Which communicable disease is caused by bacteria?

Answer: Leprosy

76225. To which age the Painted Grey Ware (PGW) belongs?

Answer: The Vedic age

76226. An element X forms an oxide X03 What is the valency of X?

Answer: 6

76227. What is a Doldrums?

Answer: Tropical no-wind belt

76228. What is Water vapour beyond the dew point?

Answer: Condensation

76229. Select the compound in which chlorine shows oxidation state + ?

Answer: HClO4

76230. During which viceroyalty system of budget was introduced in India?

Answer: Canning

76231. What is the phenomenon of splitting white light into seven colours?

Answer: Dispersion

76232. Who followed the policy of ‘masterly inactivity’ towards Afghanistan?

Answer: Sir John Lawrence

76233. Which test helps in diagnosis of cancer?

Answer: Biopsy test

76234. Which game is not included in the Olympic Games?

Answer: Cricket

76235. The famous bronze image of Nataraja is a fine example of which art?

Answer: Chola art

76236. Which compound is commonly used as antifreeze in automobile radiators?

Answer: Glycerol1

76237. Who wrote the book ‘The Story of the Integration of the Indian States’?

Answer: V. P. Menon

76238. What is the principle pathway of water translocation in angiosperms?

Answer: Xylem vessel system

76239. Where are moist tropical evergreen forests found?

Answer: The Shillong plateau

76240. Which state was in the development of hydroelectricity the pioneering state?

Answer: Karnataka

76241. For the implantation of fertilize ova uterus secret which hormone?

Answer: Estrogen

76242. Where are the headquarters of IMF and World Bank located?

Answer: Both Washington DC

76243. Which state has the largest net irrigated area?

Answer: Tamil Nadu

76244. Xerophytes are plants which can grow in regions having how moisture?

Answer: Low moisture

76245. The lake Ontario and St. Lawrence of USA and Canada lie to the south-east of which bay?

Answer: Hudson Bay

76246. The popular TV. serial ‘Neem ka Ped’ was written by which author?

Answer: Rahi Masoom Raza

76247. Angular separation between two colours of the spectrum depends upon which thing?

Answer: Angle of deviation

76248. Which is nearest to Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research?

Answer: Mahabalipuram

76249. What is the transition zone between two Ecosystems called?

Answer: Ecotone

76250. Which is the highest waterfall of the world?

Answer: Saito Angel Falls
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