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76401. When the radius of the T.G. coil is decreased; what does happen in its sensitiveness?

Answer: Increases

76402. In which sports Rajjyavardhan Rathore won a Silver medal in the Beijing Olympics?

Answer: Shooting

76403. What is the number of basic units in the International System of Units?

Answer: 7

76404. In 1610; Galileo Galilei discovered four moons of which planet?

Answer: Jupiter

76405. Who was the founder of the Muslim League in India?

Answer: Nawab Salimulla

76406. Which particle has similar mass to that of the electron?

Answer: Positron

76407. Between which was the ancient town of Takshasila located?

Answer: Indus and Jhelum

76408. Who was the first Indian cricketer to wear a helmet during a match?

Answer: Mohinder Arnarnath

76409. Which country has the largest number of’ land-border neighbouring countries?

Answer: Russia

76410. A shipmet with an accident at 30°E and 35°N. Where was the ship was sailing?

Answer: Mediterranean Sea

76411. Who is the creator of the Rock Garden in Chandigarh?

Answer: Nek Chand

76412. Who were popularly known as Red Shirts?

Answer: Khudai Khidmatgars

76413. What are the Doldrums?

Answer: Equatorial zone with low pressure

76414. What is the ratio of pure gold in 18 carat gold?

Answer: 0.75%

76415. La Giaconda is better known as what?

Answer: Mona Lisa

76416. ‘International literacy Day’ is observed on which day?

Answer: 8-Sep

76417. Mughal architecture reveals a blending of which styless?

Answer: Indian and Persian styles

76418. What is formed during Kerb’s cycle?

Answer: Fumaric acid

76419. Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary is located in which state?

Answer: Gujarat

76420. Which substance found in blood which helps in cloting?

Answer: Fibrinogen

76421. What is also known as green protozo?

Answer: Euglena

76422. What are the metallic constituents of hard water?

Answer: Calcium; magnesium and iron

76423. Which city is built on 118 islands?

Answer: Venice

76424. Which is used as ‘a moderator in nuclear reactor?

Answer: Graphite

76425. What is the number of chromosome in a normal human body cell?

Answer: 46

76426. What is the minimum age for election/appointment as member of the Rajya Sabha?

Answer: 30 years

76427. Who deciphered the Brahmi inscription of Ashoka first time?

Answer: James Princep

76428. Which Veda throws light on the beliefs and practices of the non-Aryans?

Answer: Atharvaveda

76429. What was Karaj in the thirteenth century?

Answer: Tax on cultivation

76430. Who stated that there was no slavery in India?

Answer: Megasthenes

76431. Who acts as the Chancellor of State Universities?

Answer: Governor

76432. Which is the cloud that is dark-grey or black; found at very low height and brings the real rain?

Answer: Nimbostratus

76433. Which books was written by Tilak?

Answer: Gita Rahasya

76434. Who was the only Indian woman who became President of WHO?

Answer: Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur

76435. Instrument used to store the electric charge is known by which name?

Answer: Capacitor

76436. Of the total volume of the earth; which layer forms the major part?

Answer: Core

76437. Which first Mughal building to have been built entirely of marble?

Answer: Itmad-ud-Daula’s tomb

76438. Which is the most important coal field of India?

Answer: Raniganj

76439. How long the term of the Lok Sabha can be extended?

Answer: By year at a time

76440. Who ran through the streets naked crying Eureka?

Answer: Archimedes

76441. Through where does the Tropic of Cancer passes?

Answer: India and Saudi Arabia

76442. Pregnant women usually become deficient in which nutrients?

Answer: Calcium and iron

76443. Which reservoir is constructed on Chambal?

Answer: Gandhi Sagar

76444. Khartoum is situated at the confluence of which rivers?

Answer: White Nile and Blue Nile

76445. Which ruler was adorned with the title of 'Maharajadhiraja' (King of Kings)?

Answer: Chandragupta I

76446. In ancient India; which was the earliest capital of Magadha Kingdom?

Answer: Rajgir

76447. The refractive index of a given piece of transparent quartz is greatest for which light?

Answer: Violet light

76448. Where is the maximum difference in the spacing of longitudes?

Answer: At equator

76449. Which disease is inheritable?

Answer: Colour blindness

76450. Which is not a landform which results due to rejuvenation of a river?

Answer: Oxbow lake
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