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78051. Howmuch time does a heart beat require approximately?

Answer: 0.8 second

78052. On which bank is Hampi is situated ?

Answer: Tungabhadra

78053. Who is the author of the concept of Antyodaya ?

Answer: Vinoba Bhave

78054. In which island of India is an active volcano found ?

Answer: Barren Island

78055. If you scored cannon, which game would you be playing?

Answer: Billiards

78056. Amir Khusarau, the ‘Parrot of India’, was born at which place?

Answer: Patiali

78057. When did the battle which is the story of Mahabharata most probably take place ?

Answer: Around 1000 B. C

78058. Who started the Public Works Department in India in AD 1848 ?

Answer: Lord Dalhousie

78059. What is Isomerism exhibeted by acetic acid and methyl formate?

Answer: Functional group

78060. Who created the unforgettable literary character ‘Swami’ ?

Answer: R. K. Narayan

78061. Who, according to Jains, was the founder of Jainism ?

Answer: Rishabha

78062. On the 21st June, the day light is seen at the North Pole for howmany hours?

Answer: 24 hrs.

78063. A convex lens of glass has power P in air. If it is immersed in water, what will be its power?

Answer: Less than P

78064. If a place is located at 20°N, 80°E in which continents does it lie ?

Answer: Asia

78065. Where was the world’s first oil-well drilled in the nineteenth century ?


78066. Which was a novelty in Shah Jahan’s buildings ?

Answer: Makrana marble

78067. Who established Fergusson College at Pune in the year 1885 ?

Answer: Deccan Education Society

78068. The Chief Minister of Union Territory where such a set up exists, is appointed by whom?

Answer: Lt. Governor

78069. Who according to the Buddhists, is believed to be the next incarnation of Gautam Buddha ?

Answer: Kalki

78070. If CO2 concentration in the blood increases, what will breathing?

Answer: Increase

78071. If the dew point is below freezing, it is referred to which point?

Answer: Frost point

78072. By tradition, the famous lexicographer Amaraslmha was a contemporary of which poet?

Answer: Kalidasa

78073. The Indian Football team made its first appearance at Olympics in ?

Answer: 1948

78074. AT which °C water has maxium densltv?

Answer: 4°C

78075. What is a vestigeal organ in man ?

Answer: Muscles ear lobe

78076. In the Sultanate period, which was the highest rural authority for land revenue?

Answer: Chowdhary

78077. Which literary figure of the Gupta Age is given the title of 'Indian Shakespeare' ?

Answer: Kalidasa

78078. Howmany ’ of Banks were nationalised since 1969?

Answer: 20

78079. In Homo sapiens, where does fertilisation occurs?

Answer: Oviduct

78080. Which kingdom was annexed by Bahlol Lodi, the Sultan of Delhi, in A.D. 1484 ?

Answer: Jaunpur

78081. Who stabbed Guru Govind Singh to death ?

Answer: Gul Khan

78082. Which harmone is called emergency hormone?

Answer: Adrenalin

78083. Who said, “God helps those who help themselves”?

Answer: Swami Vivekananda

78084. Which Mughal king tried to stop the practice of sati ?

Answer: Aurangzeb

78085. Who deserves the credit for the construction of Lal Quila at Agra ?

Answer: Akbar

78086. In which veda does the word 'gotra' first appear with the meaning of 'a clan' ?

Answer: Atharva Veda

78087. The Earth turns through 360° in 24 hours. Howmuch time does Each 15° longitude represent?

Answer: One hour

78088. When it is noon along 82° 30’ longitude, along what degree of longitude it will be 30 a.m. ?

Answer: 0°E or W

78089. Where is Greeco-Roman influence in Indian art found ?

Answer: Gandhara

78090. Who wrote the poem, Subh-e Azadi?

Answer: Faiz Ahmed Faiz

78091. For an astronaut in a space ship, how does the sky appear?

Answer: Black

78092. Who is considered the father of Sahatara (Sitar) ?

Answer: Amir Khusro

78093. Who is the ex-officio chairman of Planning Commission and National Development Council.

Answer: Prime Minister

78094. In the structure of planet Earth, below the mantle, the core is mainly made up of which?

Answer: Iron

78095. The time at Cairo is hours ahead of Greenwich. Hence, where is it located?

Answer: 30° E longitude

78096. A body has a mass of kg on the Earth; when measured on the Moon, what would be its mas?

Answer: 6 kg

78097. Who was Dr. Salim Ali ?

Answer: Ornithologist

78098. When it is P.M. in Tokyo, what is the time at Panama Canal which is located at 180° W of it ?

Answer: 8.00 A.M.

78099. The removal of rock, layer by layer due to weathering what is called?

Answer: Exfoliation

78100. In 1757, By whom was the Siraj-ud-daula defeated?

Answer: Clive
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