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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1569

78451. Offering made to God

Answer: Oblation

78452. An official agreement to a proposal

Answer: Assent

78453. Gathering of all things

Answer: Omnibus

78454. An official announcement issued to the press

Answer: Communique

78455. An official counting of the population

Answer: Census

78456. One who analyses handwriting

Answer: Graphologist

78457. One who attacks

Answer: Assaulter/ Assailant

78458. One who believes that nothing can be said about God

Answer: Agnostic

78459. One who can neither read nor write

Answer: Illiterate

78460. One who cannot be corrected

Answer: Incorrigible

78461. For warning of an impending danger

Answer: Premonition

78462. Fixed sum of money paid to somebody as income in his life time

Answer: Annuity

78463. Fit for bad temper or anger

Answer: Tantrum

78464. Fear of foreigners

Answer: Xenophobia

78465. Fear of oneself

Answer: Autophoby

78466. Refreshment or amusement after hard work

Answer: Recreation

78467. Animals with four feet

Answer: Quadruped

78468. Any soft drink except water

Answer: Beverage

78469. Art of growing vegetables, fruits, flowers.

Answer: Horticulture

78470. Art of making fireworks

Answer: Pyrotechnics

78471. Art of map making

Answer: Cartography

78472. Style of speaking well

Answer: Elocution

78473. Artificial centre for honey bees

Answer: Hive

78474. Assembly of worshippers

Answer: Congregation

78475. Author's explanatory remarks at the beginning of a book.

Answer: Preface

78476. Distinguishing marks of an office

Answer: Insignia / Badge

78477. A bed of a new born baby

Answer: Cradle/Crib

78478. Belief not based on reason or knowledge.

Answer: Superstition

78479. Bird that comes and goes with seasons

Answer: Migratory

78480. Blessing given by a priest

Answer: Benediction

78481. Board of directors in a company or organization

Answer: Directorate

78482. A body of delegates

Answer: Delegacy

78483. A book of a sacred/religious nature

Answer: Scripture

78484. Books, pictures etc intended to arouse sexual desire

Answer: Erotica

78485. Brief account of a subject

Answer: Summary/compendium

78486. Break an agreement, law or promise

Answer: Violate

78487. A building where military weapons are prepared or stored.

Answer: Arsenal

78488. That can live without outside help

Answer: Viable

78489. A caretaker of a public building

Answer: Custodian

78490. Attachment to what is natural

Answer: Naturalism

78491. Approximate calculation of something

Answer: Estimate

78492. Change to something abnormal, unnatural

Answer: Perversion

78493. Child of unusual or remarkable talent

Answer: Prodigy

78494. Chief actor or character in a story or drama.

Answer: Protagonist

78495. Habitual character and disposition

Answer: Ethos

78496. Using of new words

Answer: Neologism

78497. One who holds that nothing is or can be known of the existence of God

Answer: Agnostic

78498. To destroy completely

Answer: Annihilate

78499. That which is open to more than one interpretation

Answer: Ambiguous

78500. Capable of living both on land and water

Answer: Amphibious
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