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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1571

78551. A short but pithy and weightily saying, a short witty phrase

Answer: Epigram

78552. Substitution of a mild for a very blunt expression

Answer: Euphemism

78553. That which is all inclusive

Answer: Exhaustive

78554. Not refined and fluent but full of jerky movements.

Answer: Erratic

78555. That which tries to side-track the main issue by irrelevance

Answer: Evasive

78556. A state of mental weariness form of occupation.

Answer: Ennui

78557. To make atonement for one's sins

Answer: Expiate

78558. Words or phrases inscribed on a person's tomb

Answer: Epitaph

78559. A person authorised to execute a legal deed

Answer: Executor

78560. One who is subject to failure or to committing mistakes

Answer: Fallible

78561. The animals of a particular region or epoch

Answer: Fauna

78562. A man who is genuinely interested in the welfare and emancipation of women

Answer: Feminist

78563. A man with narrow and prejudiced religious views

Answer: Fanatic

78564. One who cannot be easily pleased

Answer: Fastidious

78565. Something artificial having the appearance of something got up

Answer: Factitious

78566. As opposed to realistic, imagined not real

Answer: Fictitious

78567. Extremely showy and colourful personality; valuable and verbose speech

Answer: Flamboyant

78568. Tendency to grow downwards

Answer: Geotropism

78569. Act of killing one's clan, family or community

Answer: Genocide

78570. A connoisseur of wines and table delicacies.

Answer: Gourmet

78571. The act of killing a human being

Answer: Homicide

78572. Traits, mental or physical, received from forefathers by birth

Answer: Hereditary

78573. One who lives in seclusion with thoughts of God

Answer: Hermit

78574. Voluntary fees paid for professional services which carry no salary

Answer: Honorarium

78575. One who expresses ideas which are not in keeping with conventional religious teaching

Answer: Heretic

78576. One who is not orthodox

Answer: Heterodox

78577. One who generously acts for the welfare and amelioration of mankind

Answer: Humanitarian

78578. A gesture of respect and devotion

Answer: Homage

78579. Rhetorical exaggeration in speaking or in a piece of writing

Answer: Hyperbole

78580. A person who pretends to be what he is not, a pretender

Answer: Hypocrite

78581. That which cannot be broken through

Answer: Impregnable

78582. That which can be easily understood

Answer: Intelligible

78583. That which is most likely to happen in future.

Answer: Imminent

78584. One who cannot be soothed or calmed or near pacified

Answer: Implacable

78585. That which cannot be put into practice

Answer: Impracticable

78586. One who cannot be corrected or reformed.

Answer: Incorrigible

78587. To accuse or charge a person with a crime in due form of law

Answer: Indict

78588. That which cannot be easily imitated or copied

Answer: Inimitable

78589. That which cannot be defeated

Answer: Invincible

78590. A personal peculiarity of temperament or constitution

Answer: Idiosyncrasy

78591. A man who is easily irritated and loses temper

Answer: Irritable

78592. A disease in which a man suffers from sleeplessness

Answer: Insomnia

78593. A country or a people or community which is in open revolt or rebellion

Answer: Insurgent

78594. A man who has a most uncompromising attitude especially in politics

Answer: Intransigent

78595. Ascribing or attributing to something or someone

Answer: Imputation

78596. A decision which cannot be changed or modified

Answer: Irrevocable

78597. Produced or manufactured within the country without foreign aid or collaboration

Answer: Indigenous

78598. A deceptive appearance, statement or belief

Answer: Illusion

78599. .Use of language or gesture which implies threat to someone

Answer: Intimidation

78600. The act of provoking and goading a man

Answer: Instigation
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