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84301. The central headquarter of the Wahabi Movement was?

Answer: Patna

84302. The Central Legislative Assembly was created by?

Answer: Govt of India Act; 1919

84303. The chamber of princes was formally inaugurated in?

Answer: 1921

84304. The childhood name of Gandhiji?

Answer: Manu or Moniya

84305. The childhood name of Rani of Jhansi?

Answer: Manukarnika

84306. The city where Swaraj Party was formed?

Answer: Allahabad

84307. The Code of Civil Procedure was enacted in?

Answer: 1908

84308. The college established by the British at Ajmer was named after the Viceroy?

Answer: Mayo

84309. The commercial objective of the Portuguese in India was to?

Answer: Capture the trade of pepper and other supirior spices

84310. The committee appointed by British Government to go into the provisions of Govt. of India Act 1919 and pinpoint the defects?

Answer: Muddiman Committee

84311. Porbander, the birth place of Gandhiji is famous as the birth place of the which epic charecter?

Answer: Kuchela

84312. Postal System was introduce in 1853 by?

Answer: Dalhousie

84313. Punjab was annexed to British India in 1849 by?

Answer: Lord Dalhousie

84314. Rabindranath Tagore got knighthood in?

Answer: 1915

84315. Radha Swami cult was established by?

Answer: Shiv Dayal

84316. Raghnumai Mazdayasuan Sabha was founded for the reforms of?

Answer: Parsis

84317. Raj Ghat, the samadhi of Gandhiji is on the banks of?

Answer: Yamuna

84318. Raja Ram Mohan Roy raised his voice and agitated against which evil custom and practice?

Answer: Sati Pratha

84319. Raja Ram Mohan Roy was born on May 22, 1772 in village Radhanagar in the District of Hooghly in ……?

Answer: Bengal

84320. Rajendra Lahiri was hanged in connection with?

Answer: Kakori case

84321. The committee appointed in 1927 to examine financial and economic relationship s existing between British India and the Indian States?

Answer: Butler Committee

84322. The Communist Party of India was founded in ……………on 17 October 1920, soon after the Second Congress of the Communist International.?

Answer: Tashkent

84323. The community of Gandhiji?

Answer: Baniya

84324. The Company lost all its administrative powers ………?

Answer: By the Government of India Act of 1858

84325. The concept of ‘Daridranarayan’ later on popularised by Mahathma Gandhi, had its origin in?

Answer: Vivekananda

84326. The Congress at which Gandhiji and Nehru met for the first time was that of 1916. It was held at?

Answer: Lucknow

84327. The Congress delegates in the Shimla Conference was led by?

Answer: Maulana Azad

84328. The Congress Ministry in Madras during 1937-39 was headed by?

Answer: C. Rajgopalachari

84329. The Congress session which ratified the GandhiIrwin Pact was held at?

Answer: Karachi

84330. The Viceroy when Muslim League was formed in 1906?

Answer: Minto II

84331. The famous novelist who was one of the first two graduates of Calcutta University in 1858?

Answer: Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

84332. The famous Ripon Resolution of 1882 is closely related to?

Answer: Local Self Government

84333. The father of Gandhiji?

Answer: Karam Chand Gandhi

84334. The father of Revolutionary thought in India?

Answer: Bipin Chandra Pal

84335. The Federal Court of India was brought into existence in 1937 during the reign of?

Answer: Linlithgo

84336. The first ‘Shakha’ of Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (R.S.S.) was started in?

Answer: Nagpur

84337. The first All India Conference of Forward Bloc was held in 1940 at?

Answer: Nagpur

84338. The first and last Indian to become the Governor General of independenr India?

Answer: Rajagopalachari

84339. The first Anglo Maratha war took place during the Governor Generalship of?

Answer: Warren Hastings

84340. The first annual conference of National Indian Association was held at?

Answer: Kolkata

84341. The first Arya Samaj was established on 10th April, 1875 at?

Answer: Mumbai

84342. The first Bengali political drama which presented the story of the brutality of English indigo planters was?

Answer: Neel Darpan

84343. The first chief justice of Calcutta High Court?

Answer: Barnes Peacock

84344. The first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Calcutta?

Answer: Elijah Impey

84345. The first conference of All India States People’s Conference was in?

Answer: 1927

84346. The first countrywide agitation launched by Gandhiji in India?

Answer: Non Cooperation movement

84347. The first educational institute established by the East India Company’s government. Calcutta?

Answer: Madrassa

84348. The first election to the Central Legislative Assembly was held in?

Answer: 1920

84349. The first English noble man to come to India to undertake the office of Govenor General?

Answer: Cornwallis

84350. The first European factory in India was set up at?

Answer: Cochin
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