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87401. In India, Community Development Project was started in?

Answer: October 2; 1952

87402. In which Panchayat Athulyam was launched for the first time?

Answer: Nilambur (Malappuram)

87403. The name of te scheme to provide Health insurance to poor (BPL), Domestic workers, MGNERGA workers, Rikshawpullers, Building and other construction workers, and many other categories as may be identified by the respective states?

Answer: Rashtriya Swasthya Bheema Yojana

87404. On 30th April 2015 which was declared as the first open defacation free district in India?

Answer: Nadia (West Bengal)

87405. In which year Swarna Jayanti Grama Swarozgar Yojana (SGSY) was started?

Answer: 1999

87406. Who inauguarated Kudumbasree Project at Malappuram?

Answer: AB Vajpayee

87407. The Cochlear Implantation Project lauched by Kerala Government?

Answer: Sruthitharangam

87408. The period of the first Five Year Plan?

Answer: 1951-56

87409. The Panchayat Raj system was introduced in 1959 under the recommendation of which committee?

Answer: Belwant Rai Mehta Committee

87410. Under which name Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan was restructured?

Answer: Swachch Bharat Abhiyan

87411. Who was the exponent of Marthandom Project?

Answer: Spencer Hatch

87412. Whose birth day is observed as Antyodaya Day (Sepemtember 25)?

Answer: Deen Dayal Upadyaya

87413. In which year National Rural Employment Guarentee Programme (NREGP) was brought into effect?

Answer: 2005

87414. Who launched Sevagram Project?

Answer: Gandhiji

87415. Employment Assurance Scheme (EAS) was launched in which year?

Answer: 1993

87416. What is the other name of National Rural Livelihood Mission?

Answer: Ajeevika

87417. Who designed Swachch Bharat Mission logo?

Answer: Anant Khasbardar

87418. Which five year plan was suffered by the Chinese attack of 1962?

Answer: Third

87419. Annual Plans are implemented for the first time during the period?

Answer: 1966-69

87420. In which year Jeevan Pramaan was launched?

Answer: 2014

87421. What is the aim of the Growth rate of 12th Five Year Plan?

Answer: Eight

87422. When the Digital India Project was started?

Answer: 2015 July 1

87423. During which Five Year Plan Khadi and Village Industries Commission was set up?

Answer: Second

87424. In which list of the Constitution ‘Economic and Social Planning’ is included?

Answer: Concurrent

87425. Who gave the concept of PURA (Providing Urban Amenities to Rural Areas)?

Answer: APJ Abdul Kalam

87426. Who is the custodian of Digital India Project?

Answer: National Optical Fibre Network

87427. Father of Family Planning in India?

Answer: RD Karve

87428. The Integrated Rural Development Programme was started during which Five Year Plan?

Answer: Sixth

87429. Who designed Make in India Campaign?

Answer: Wieden+Kennedy

87430. In which year Accessible India Campaign or Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan was launched?

Answer: 2016

87431. Where Farkha Development Scheme was introduced?

Answer: Madras

87432. During which Five Year Plan stresswas by laid on employment, poverty alleviation, and justice.?

Answer: Fifth

87433. The first state to achieve total primary education?

Answer: Kerala

87434. The sheme for providing One-time cash incentive to pregnant women for institutional/ home births through skilled assistance?

Answer: Janani Suraksha Yojana

87435. Who said ‘India lives in her villages’?

Answer: Gandhiji

87436. Who was the last Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission?

Answer: Montek Singh Ahluwalia

87437. The ex-officio chairman of the Planning Commission was?

Answer: Prime Minister

87438. Which was the first state to enact an employment guarantee act in the 1970s?

Answer: Maharashtra

87439. Marthandom Project was launched in the state of?

Answer: Tamil Nadu

87440. In which year Jawahar Rozgar Yojana (JRY) was started?

Answer: 1989

87441. Districts where Mahathma Gandhi National Employment Guarentee Programme implemented for the first time in Kerala?

Answer: Palakkad and Wayanad

87442. The chairman of the National Development Council was?

Answer: Prime Minister

87443. The exponent of Ittawa Project?

Answer: Albert Mayer

87444. The aim of Ujjwala Project launched by Union Government?

Answer: Rehabilitation of sexually abused victims

87445. Who is the Chairperson of Kudumbasree?

Answer: Minister for Local Self Government

87446. National Pension Scheme was launched in which year?

Answer: 2004

87447. What is the aim of Indra Dhanush?

Answer: Provide vaccination against seven diseases

87448. Who was the exponent of Gandhian Plan?

Answer: Sreeman Narayanan

87449. The Project started by the Government of Kerala to provide special care to children whose parents are affected by HIV?

Answer: Snehapoorvam

87450. In which year Social Welfare Department was started in Kerala?

Answer: 1975
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