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88301. From where Mithavadi was published under the editorialship of Moorkoth Kumaran?

Answer: Thalassery

88302. From where Mithavadi was published under the editorialship of C.Krishnan?

Answer: Kozhikode

88303. In which year P.Krishna Pillai was born?

Answer: 1906

88304. Who wrote ‘Jnanakkummi’?

Answer: Brahmananda Sivayogi

88305. The newspaper which provided propaganda for Malayali Memorial?

Answer: Malayali

88306. Which publication was called ‘Ezhava Gazette’?

Answer: Vivekodayam

88307. The social reformer in Kerala who got ‘Rao Sahib’from the British?

Answer: Ayyathan Gopalan

88308. Under whose compulsion C.Kesavan joined Law College Thiruvananthapuram to study law?

Answer: Sree Narayana Guru

88309. From whom Chattampi Swamikal learned Marma Vidhya?

Answer: Atmananda Swamikal

88310. C.Kesavan married Vasanthi, a school teacher, who was the daugher of the social activist?

Answer: C.V.Kunhiraman

88311. Who is the author of the book ‘Brahmarshi Sree Narayana Guru’ which is selected by National Academy of Letters to translate into 23 languages including English?

Answer: T.Bhaskaran

88312. Which occasion coincides with the proclamation of Temple Entry Proclamation?

Answer: Birth day of Maharaja of Travancore

88313. Who was ridiculously called ‘Kafur’ by the conservative sect of muslims as they opposed his reformist activities?

Answer: Vakkom Maulavi

88314. Who authored the publication ‘Treatment of Thiyyas in Travancore” in 1896?

Answer: Dr.Palpu

88315. The leader who had to resign from the post of Deputy President of Legislative Assmebly as he had welcommed C.Kesavan on behalf of the 51 lakh people of Travancore in meeting organised to facilitate C.Kesavan after his release from jail?

Answer: T.M.Varghese

88316. The famous thinker Natarajaguru is the son of?

Answer: Dr.Palpu

88317. Who published ‘Athmavidhya kahalam’?

Answer: Vagbhatananda

88318. Jatavallabhar was the teacher of?

Answer: Chattampi Swamikal

88319. In which branch of medicine Chattampi Swamikal acquired knowledge?

Answer: Siddha

88320. Under what capacity C.Kesavan attanded the Christian Conference held at Kozhanchery in 1935 and made the historic ‘Kozhanchery speech’?

Answer: General Secretary of SNDP

88321. The journal ‘Sivayogavilasom’ was published by?

Answer: Vagbhatananda

88322. Who among the following had been appointed as an accountant in Government Secretariat by Dewan T.Madhava Rao?

Answer: Chattampi Swamikal

88323. The birth place of C.Kesavan?

Answer: Mayyanad

88324. Who was passed away at Muhamma in Alapuzha district at the age of 42?

Answer: P.Krishna Pillai

88325. Who led ‘Oorutambalam agitation’?

Answer: Ayyankali

88326. The social reformer who is known as ‘Sarva Vidhyadiraja’?

Answer: Chattampi Swamikal

88327. Vagbhatananda established ‘Atmavidhya Sangham’ in?

Answer: 1915

88328. The colour of dress used by Sri Narayana Guru in his last days?

Answer: White

88329. The founder of National Democratic Congress?

Answer: Mannath Padmanabhan

88330. Kuriakose Elias Chavara was beatified in?

Answer: 1986

88331. The first Malayali poet whose picture was printed on an Indian stamp?

Answer: Kumaranasan

88332. The founder of Travancore Cheramar Mahajana Sabha?

Answer: Pampady John Joseph

88333. Which book written by Chattampi Swamikal quashes the legend that Kerala was donated to Brahmins by Parasurama?

Answer: Prachina Malayalam

88334. The sculptor of the statue of Ayyankali at Vellayambalam in Thiruvananathpuram?

Answer: Ezra David

88335. What was the real name of Anandatheerthan?

Answer: Ananda Shenai

88336. In which district Vaikom Satyagraha held?

Answer: Kottayam

88337. Who formed ‘Dharmabhata Sangham’ in order to strengthen the activities of SNDP Yogam?

Answer: T.K.Madhavan

88338. Who established the journal ‘Arayan’ in the year 1917?

Answer: ) Dr.Velukutty Arayan

88339. Who wrote a book to criticise Mokshapradeepam written by Brahmananda Sivayogi?

Answer: Chattampi Swamikal

88340. Who wrote a series of article in Madras standard to depict the plight of Ezhavas of Travancore with the title ‘Thiruvithamkotte Theeyan’?

Answer: Dr.Palpu

88341. Who wrote the editorial ‘Save the Soul of Gandhiji’ when he started fast unto death to protest against Communal Award in 1932?

Answer: Vagbhatananda

88342. Who organised the first fisheries Conference in 1949 with a view to evolving sustainable projects and programmes for the development of the costal region and fishermen folk?

Answer: Dr.Velukutty Arayan

88343. The drama written by Pandit Karuppan in connection with the ‘Shashti poorthy’ celebrations of Maharaja of Cochin?

Answer: Baalakalesam

88344. Who was the first Vice President of SNDP Yogam?

Answer: Dr.Palpu

88345. The founder of Araya Vamsa Paripalana Yogam?

Answer: Dr.Velukutty Arayan

88346. Another name of ‘Melmundu Kalapam’?

Answer: Channar Agitation

88347. Who started Araya Service Society?

Answer: Dr.Velukutty Arayan

88348. Who initiated Raja Yoga into Vagbhatananda?

Answer: Brahmananda Sivayogi

88349. Who made the inaugural speech on the All Religious Meet held at Aluva which aimed at the promotion of understanding between different religions?

Answer: Sahodaran Ayyappan

88350. Who founded Akhila Thiruvithamcore Navika Thozhilali Samgham?

Answer: Dr.Velukutty Araya
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