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89101. Who introduced secretarial system in Travancore?

Answer: Colonel Monroe

89102. Who was appointed by the Govt of Travancore in 1934 to examine the matter of appointment to Govt Services?

Answer: G.D.Knox

89103. Who was entrusted by Marthanda Varma for making appointment to Govt Departments?

Answer: Ramayyan

89104. The European power that constructed Chaliyam Fort?

Answer: The Portuguese

89105. The first palace built in oriental style by the Westerners in India?

Answer: Mattanchery Palace

89106. The king of Travancore who issued a proclamation in 1874 to control nepotism in appointments to Govt Services?

Answer: Ayilyam Tirunal

89107. The king who was the first in the history of Travancore to establish a systematic administration?

Answer: Marthanda Varma

89108. The largest Fort in kerala?

Answer: Bakel

89109. The Viceroy who built Angel Fort?

Answer: Alphonso De Almeida

89110. What was the basic unit of the administration of Marthanda Varma?

Answer: Village

89111. Which Fort in kerala was also known as Fort William?

Answer: Chettuva Fort

89112. Which fort was described as ‘Cannon pointed towards the neck of Zamorin’?

Answer: Chalium Fort

89113. Who gave permission to built the Anchengo Fort in 1690?

Answer: Rani of Attingal

89114. Who seized the Fort Angel in 1663?

Answer: The Dutch

89115. Who was appointed by Marthanda Varma to regularise the tax system in Travancore?

Answer: Mallan Sankaran

89116. The oldest palace built by the Dutch in India?

Answer: Bolghatty Palace

89117. The only No-confidence motion passed in the history of Kerala brought the state under President’s rule for the second time was moved by?

Answer: P.K.Kunj

89118. The President’s rule was imposed for the second time in kerala in ?

Answer: 1964

89119. The ruler of Kochi who introduced a regular administrative machinery for the first time?

Answer: Sakthan Thampuran

89120. Where is Sakthan Thampuran Museum?

Answer: Thrissur

89121. Which was the only state under President’s rule when the linguistic reorganisation was done?

Answer: Kerala

89122. Who constructed the Bolghatty Palace?

Answer: The Dutch

89123. Who recommended for declaring President’s rule in Thiru kochi when Panampally resigned in 1956?

Answer: Sri Chithira Tirunal

89124. Who was the acting Governor of kerala when the state was formed on 1st November,1956?

Answer: P.S.Rao

89125. Who was the first Public Service Commissioner appointed in Travancore?

Answer: G.D.Knox

89126. Who wrote ‘Adukkalayilninnu Parliamentilekk’ ?

Answer: Bharati Udayabhanu

89127. Who wrote ‘Ente Katha’?

Answer: Madhavikkutty

89128. Who wrote ‘Thudikkunna Thalukal’ ?

Answer: Changampuzha

89129. ‘Ente Natakasmarnakal’ is the autobiography of?

Answer: PJ Antony

89130. ‘Ente Vazhiyambalangal’ is the autobiography of?

Answer: SK Pottakkad

89131. In which year Malayali Memorial demanding the appointment of native people submitted?

Answer: 1891

89132. Name the agitation that prompted the Govt of Travancore to appoint a Public Service Commissioner?

Answer: Abstention Movement

89133. Name the European power that built Angel Fort?

Answer: The Portugese

89134. The Angel Fort is situated at?

Answer: Kannur

89135. The British got Angel Fort from?

Answer: Arakkal Beevi

89136. Which palace is also known as ‘Dutch Palace’?

Answer: Mattanchery Palace

89137. Who built the Palakkad Fort in1766?

Answer: Hyder Ali

89138. Who constructed Bakel Fort in 17th century?

Answer: Sivappa Nayak

89139. Who constructed Chettuva Fort?

Answer: The Dutch

89140. Who constructed the Anchengo Fort?

Answer: The British

89141. Who was the President when President’s rule was imposed for the first time in Kerala?

Answer: Dr.Rajendraprasad

89142. The Liberation Struggle lasted for ...... weeks?

Answer: 7

89143. At the time of the formation of the Kerala State, it has been under President’s rule for .......days?

Answer: 155

89144. The only occasion in Kerala history in which none of the political parties could form a government after the election and President’s rule continued in the State?

Answer: 1965

89145. Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT) is situated at?

Answer: Kochi

89146. Hindustan Newsprint Factory is situated at?

Answer: Velloor

89147. In which palace, mural paintings based on Kumarasambhava of Kalidasa can be seen?

Answer: Dutch Palace

89148. In which year Kerala Public Service Commission was formed?

Answer: 1956

89149. Kerala Wood Industries is situated at?

Answer: Nilambur

89150. The lengthiest President’s rule in kerala was ended in?

Answer: 1967
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