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89551. The administrative head of the state?

Answer: Governor

89552. Present Governor of Kerala?

Answer: Hansraj Bharadwaj

89553. The official residence of the Governor of Kerala?

Answer: Raj Bhavan

89554. Present Chief Minister of Kerala?

Answer: Oomen Chandy

89555. The seat of administrative of the Government of Kerala?

Answer: Kerala Government Secretariat

89556. State Election Commission of Kerala came into existence on?

Answer: 3rd December 1993

89557. The present State Election Commissioner?

Answer: K. Sasidharan Nair

89558. Chief Electoral Officer of Kerala?

Answer: Nalini Netto

89559. The first law officer of a state?

Answer: The Advocate General

89560. Kerala state was formed on?

Answer: Ist November 1956

89561. First popular ministry of the united Kerala State was sworn in under the leadership of?

Answer: EMS Namboothripad

89562. Who was the speaker of first Kerala legislative assembly?

Answer: R.Sankaranarayanan Thampi

89563. When was the first popular ministry under the leadership of EMS Namboothiripad sworn in?

Answer: 5-Apr-57

89564. Kerala came under the President rule for the first time in?

Answer: 1959

89565. The Ministry of Kerala which continued in office for about six and half years?

Answer: The fourth legislative assembly under the Chief Ministership of C. Achutha Menon

89566. The Chief Minister who faced maximum number of no confidence motion in the Assembly?

Answer: K. Karunakaran

89567. First Governor of Kerala?

Answer: B. Ramakrishna Rao

89568. The Ministry of EMS was the first to be dismissed under Article 356 of the constitution in?

Answer: 1959

89569. The President’s rule was imposed for the second time in Kerala in?

Answer: 1964

89570. Kerala was brought under the President’s rule for the last time in?

Answer: 1982

89571. The longest serving Chief Minister of Kerala?

Answer: E.K. Nayanar (4009 days)

89572. Protem Speaker of the first Legislative Assembly of Kerala?

Answer: Rosamma Punnoose

89573. First nominated Angle - Indian representative in Kerala assembly?

Answer: William Hamilton Decruse

89574. High court of Kerala was established on?

Answer: Ist November 1956

89575. The seat of High Court of Kerala?

Answer: Ernakulam

89576. First Chief Justice of Kerala High Court?

Answer: K.T. Kosi

89577. First woman Chief Justice of Kerala High Court?

Answer: Justice Sujatha V Manohar (1997)

89578. First Malayalee woman Chief Justice of Kerala High Court?

Answer: K.K. Usha

89579. First Malayalam to become the Supreme Court Judge?

Answer: Justice P Govinda Menon (1956 to 1957)

89580. Present Chief Justice of Kerala High Court?

Answer: Manjula Chelloor

89581. Present Advocate General of Kerala?

Answer: K.P. Dandapani

89582. First Advocate General of Kerala?

Answer: K.V. Suryanarayana Iyer

89583. Two special courts exclusively for the trail of NDPS cases are at?

Answer: Thodupuzha and Vadakara

89584. Special courts for the trail of Abkari Act cases are functioning at?

Answer: Neyattinkara and Kottarakkara

89585. First woman judge of the Supreme Court of India?

Answer: Justice M Fathima Beevi

89586. State level institution set up to enquire into the charges of corruption against public functionaries in the state is?

Answer: Lok Ayukta

89587. Chairman of Kerala Lok Ayukta is?

Answer: Justice M. Pareeth Pillai

89588. National Law day?

Answer: 26-Nov

89589. No. of family courts in Kerala?

Answer: 16

89590. Present Chairperson of Kerala Women’s Commission?

Answer: K.C. Rosakutty

89591. Kerala Women’s Commission was formed on?

Answer: 14th March 1996

89592. The Kerala state Human Rights Commission was constituted on?

Answer: 11-Dec-98

89593. First Chairman of Kerala Human Rights Commission?

Answer: Justice N. Dhinakar

89594. Present Chairman of Kerala State Human Rights Commission?

Answer: K.B. Koshy

89595. First Chairperson of Kerala Women’s Commission?

Answer: Smt. Sugathakumari

89596. First High Court woman judge in India?

Answer: Anna Chandy

89597. The law enforcement agency for the state of Kerala?

Answer: Kerala Police

89598. Headquarters of Kerala Police?

Answer: Thiruvananthapuram

89599. The motto of the Kerala Police Force?

Answer: ‘Mridhu bhave dhrida krthye’ (Soft in Temperament; Firm in Action)

89600. Kerala Police comes under the control of?

Answer: Department of Home Affairs
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