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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1793

89651. First wind farm with private participation?

Answer: Ramakkalmedu

89652. Mullaperiyar water dispute is between?

Answer: Kerala and Tamilnadu

89653. The committee empowered to study all the issues of Mullaperiyar Dam?

Answer: Justice A.S. Anand Committee

89654. Kerala Post and Telegraph circle was formed on?

Answer: Ist July 1961

89655. Post and Telegraph circle got bifuricated and Kerala Postal Circle came into existence in?

Answer: Ist September 1974

89656. National Postal Day?

Answer: 10-Oct

89657. First post office and telegraph office was started in?

Answer: Alapuzha

89658. The district with largest number of post offices?

Answer: Thrissur

89659. The district with least number of post offices?

Answer: Wayanad

89660. The places included under the Kerala circle?

Answer: Kerala; Mahe and Lakshadweep

89661. The two philatic Bureau in Kerala?

Answer: Ernakulam and Thriuvananthapuram

89662. The postal systems in Travancore and Kochi are called?

Answer: Anchal Service

89663. First Anchal service in Travancore was started in?

Answer: 1857

89664. First Post Office in Travancore was opened at?

Answer: Alleppey during the reign of Utram Thirunal Marthanda Varma

89665. Postal savings schemes was started in?

Answer: 1947

89666. The Post office in Kerala which handles only foreign letters is in?

Answer: Kochi

89667. The scheme for the delivery of mail early in the morning started by the postal department?

Answer: Suprabatham

89668. Speed post was started in Kerala in?

Answer: 1986

89669. The first state to provide public telephones in all the villages?

Answer: Kerala

89670. Telephone service started in Thiruvananthapruam in?

Answer: 1981

89671. The first state in which all the telephone exchange are fully automated?

Answer: Kerala

89672. The district having most number of telephone exchange in Kerala?

Answer: Ernakulam

89673. The district having least number of telephone exchanges in Kerala?

Answer: Wayanad

89674. First telephone exchange in Kerala was started at?

Answer: Ernakulam (1923)

89675. First STD connection was started in?

Answer: 1973 between Trivandrum and Kottayam

89676. Headquarters of Telecom circle?

Answer: Trivandrum

89677. First boardcasting in Malayalam started from?

Answer: Tamil Nadu

89678. Travancore Radiostation merged with All India Radio Network from?

Answer: Ist April 1950

89679. The Travancore State Broad casting station was started on?

Answer: 12-Mar-43

89680. Who was the first Director of All India Radio Kerala?

Answer: G.P.S. Nair

89681. All India Radio, Thiruvananthapuram has celebrated its 60th year of broadcasting on?

Answer: Ist April 2010

89682. All India Radio Kozhikode was launched on?

Answer: 14-May-50

89683. All India Radio Thrissur was launched on?

Answer: 14-Jan-57

89684. Vividh Bharati Service from All India Radio, Thiruvananthapuram started functioning from?

Answer: 6-Mar-66

89685. First community radio in Kerala was launched on?

Answer: I May 2006

89686. First community radio in Kerala?

Answer: Radio Alakal

89687. Kerala’s first private FM Station?

Answer: Radio Mango

89688. Radio Mango was launched on?

Answer: 29 November 2007 in Calicut

89689. All India Radio, Manjeri started functioning from?

Answer: 28-Jan-06

89690. First Private FM community radio station in Kerala?

Answer: Radio DC

89691. Television broadcasting in Kerala was started on?

Answer: 15-Aug-82

89692. The first private television channel of Kerala is?

Answer: Asianet

89693. Asianet started the telecast of Malayalam programmes in?

Answer: Aug-93

89694. Television broadcasting in Kerala started the telecast of Malayalam programmes in?

Answer: Ist January 1988

89695. Doordarshan started to telecast Malayalam programmes through Satellite channel from?

Answer: Ist October 1993

89696. Surya TV started the telecast of Malayalam programmes in?

Answer: 19-Oct-98

89697. First Malayalam Channel which telecast English news?

Answer: Jeevan TV

89698. Kairali TV started broadcasting programmes from?

Answer: 2000

89699. First full fledged news channel is?

Answer: Indiavision

89700. Channel controlled by Indian National Congress?

Answer: Jai Hind TV
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