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89801. The district with most number of small scale industries?

Answer: Ernakulam

89802. First mineral water plant in Kerala is situated at?

Answer: Kumbalangi

89803. Highest number of factory workers are at?

Answer: Kollam

89804. Institute of Handloom and Textile Technology is situated in?

Answer: Kannur

89805. An innovative project for the social and economic development of Handloom weavers in Thiruvananthapuram?

Answer: Thanima Project

89806. An innovative project for the social and economic development of Handloom weavers in Kannur district?

Answer: Krithika Project

89807. The organisations involved in the marketing and exporting of handloom clothes?

Answer: Hantex and Handveev

89808. Hantex was established in?

Answer: 1961

89809. Hanveev was established in?

Answer: 1968

89810. Handicrafts Development Corporation of Kerala Ltd. has incorporated in?

Answer: 1968

89811. The organisation that is marketing handicrafts procured from the Artisans directly?

Answer: Handicrafts Development Corporation

89812. SURABHI Kerala State Handicrafts Apex Co-operative Society was established in?

Answer: 1964

89813. District famous for Tile Industry?

Answer: Thrissur

89814. Appolo tyres is situated in?

Answer: Chalakkudi (Thrissur)

89815. Kerala Artisans Development Corporation (KADCO) was established in?

Answer: 1981

89816. The Apex Federation in the Coir Sector?

Answer: COIRFED (Kerala State Coir Co-operative Marketing Federation)

89817. Two public sector undertakings in the coir sector in Kerala?

Answer: Kerala State Coir Corporation Ltd. & Foam Mattings (India) Ltd. (FOMIL)

89818. The brand logo for Kerala Coir?

Answer: “Kerala Coir-the Golden Yarn of God’s Own Country”

89819. The nodal agency for promoting sericulture activities?

Answer: Kerala State Sericulture Cooperative Federation Ltd. (SERIFED)

89820. Beedi Industry in Kerala is concentrated in?

Answer: Kozhikkode; Kannur and Kasaragod

89821. The only agency in Kerala to promote beedi industry in the organised sector?

Answer: The Kerala Dinesh Beedi Workers Central Co-operative Society Ltd.

89822. Expansion of KINFRA?

Answer: Kerala Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation

89823. International Apparel Park (a project of KINFRA) is at?

Answer: Menamkulam; Trivandrum

89824. The Centre for Management Development was established in?

Answer: 1929

89825. Expansion of SIDBI?

Answer: Small Industries Development Bank of India

89826. Medicinal and Healthcare Industrial Park is situated at?

Answer: Nadapuram AGRICULTURE

89827. Spices garden of India?

Answer: Kerala

89828. Farmers day of Kerala is on?

Answer: Chingam Ist

89829. Rice bowl of Kerala?

Answer: Kuttanad

89830. Main cereal of Kerala is?

Answer: rice

89831. Main spices of Kerala?

Answer: Pepper; Cardamom; Cinnamon; Ginger; nutmeg and Turmeric

89832. Award given by the Kerala Government to the best farmer of Kerala?

Answer: Karshakothama

89833. Vanitha award for the best young woman farmer?

Answer: Yuvakarshaka

89834. Award for the best farm in the state?

Answer: Harithakeerthi Award

89835. Award for best coconut farmer?

Answer: Kera Kesari Award

89836. Award for the best cattle farmer?

Answer: Ksheeradhara Award

89837. Award for best group farming samithy?

Answer: Nelkathir Award

89838. Kerala Agricultural University became operational since?

Answer: February Ist 1972

89839. Kerala Agricultural University is located at?

Answer: Vellanikkara in Thrissur dist.

89840. Tapioca is cultivated more in the district of?

Answer: Trivandrum

89841. Banana is cultivated more in the district of?

Answer: Malappuram

89842. Mango is cultivated most in?

Answer: Trivandrum

89843. Coconut is cultivated most in?

Answer: Kozhikode district

89844. Pineapple is cultivated most in the district of?

Answer: Ernakulam

89845. Sugarcane is cultivated most in?

Answer: Palakkad

89846. Accident insurance schemes given by government of Kerala to farmers of the state?

Answer: Kisansree

89847. The pension scheme started by Govt. of Kerala to farmers above 60 is called?

Answer: Kisan Abhiman

89848. The district which produces the most quantity of rice is?

Answer: Kozhikode

89849. Rice cultivated seasons of Keala?

Answer: Viruppu; Mundakan and Puncha

89850. Cashew is cultivated most in the district of?

Answer: Kannur
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