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89751. Headquarters of Kerala State Water Transport Department?

Answer: Alappuzha

89752. Kerala State Water Transport Department was formed in?

Answer: 1968

89753. National Waterway located in Kerala?

Answer: West Coast Canal or National Water way No. 3

89754. The National Waterway No.3 runs from?

Answer: Kollam to Kottapuram

89755. West Coast Canal was declared a National Water way in?

Answer: 1993

89756. The first National Waterway in India having 24 hours navigation facilities in the entire stretch?

Answer: National Waterway No. 3

89757. The modern Cochin Port was established in?

Answer: 1926

89758. Cochin Port was declared as a major port in?

Answer: 1932

89759. The first Indian port to launch E- Thuramukham?

Answer: Cochin Port Trust

89760. Number of Airports in Kerala?

Answer: 3 (Thiruvananthapuram; Kochi and Kozhikode)

89761. First Airport in Kerala?

Answer: Thiruvananthapuram

89762. Trivandrum Airport was established in?

Answer: 1932 as part of Royal Flying Club

89763. Trivandrum airport was upgraded to an International airport on?

Answer: I January 1991

89764. Kochi Airport is located in?

Answer: Nedumbassery

89765. It started functioning from?

Answer: 1999

89766. Kochi international airport is owned by a public limited company called?

Answer: CIAL (Cochin International Airport Limited)

89767. The ex-officio chairman of CIAL?

Answer: Chief Minister of Kerala

89768. First airport developed under the public private partnership?

Answer: Kochi International Airport

89769. Kozhikode Airport is situated in which district?

Answer: Malappuram

89770. Karipur airport started functioning on?

Answer: 13-Apr-88

89771. Karipur airport was given International status on?

Answer: 2nd February 2006

89772. First International airport in a non - metro city in India?

Answer: Trivandrum International Airport

89773. First Flight from the airport took off on?

Answer: 1-Nov-35

89774. The busiest and largest airport in Kerala?

Answer: Kochi International Airport

89775. The Managing director of CIAL?

Answer: V.J. Kurian

89776. The fourth upcoming international airport in Kerala?

Answer: Kannur International Airport

89777. The public limited company set up by the government of Kerala to build and operate the proposed Kannur International airport?

Answer: Kannur International Airport Limited (KIAL)

89778. The upcoming first private International Greenfield airport?

Answer: Aranmula International Airport

89779. The first textile mill was established in?

Answer: 1881 in Kollam

89780. First Coir factory was established in?

Answer: 1859 in Alappuzha

89781. First Industrial Minister of Kerala?

Answer: K.P. Gopalan

89782. Malabar Cements company is situated in?

Answer: Valayar; Palakkad

89783. The headquarters of Kerala Cashew Development Corporation?

Answer: Kollam

89784. Hindustan Machine Tools is situated in?

Answer: Kalamassery

89785. The Indian Rare earths is located in?

Answer: Alwaye

89786. First tyre manufacturing factory in Kerala?

Answer: Premier tyres; Kalamassery

89787. First Sugar mill in Kerala?

Answer: Pamba Sugar Mills at Niranam in Pathanamthitta

89788. Malabar Cements Ltd. was established in?

Answer: Apr-78

89789. The first rayon manufacturing company in India?

Answer: Travancore Rayons in Perumbavoor

89790. India’s first and the largest electronics corporation in the state sector?

Answer: Keltron

89791. Keltron was established in?

Answer: 1973

89792. The Western India Plywoods Limited in Kannur was established in?

Answer: 1945

89793. The Kerala State Coir Corporation Ltd was setup in?

Answer: 1969

89794. Vijayamohini Mills was nationalised in?

Answer: 1-Apr-74

89795. FACT commenced operation at Udyogamandal in?

Answer: 1947

89796. FACT was nationalised in?

Answer: 1960

89797. First Diamond Factory in Kerala was established in?

Answer: 1964 in Thrissur

89798. The district with most number of Industries?

Answer: Ernakulam

89799. The district with least number of Industrial unit?

Answer: Waynad

89800. The district with most number of public limited industries?

Answer: Thiruvananthapuram
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