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89951. The most visited beach in Kerala?

Answer: Kovalam

89952. The only drive in beach in India?

Answer: Muzhappilangadi Beach

89953. Some of the popular hill stations in Kerala?

Answer: Munnar; Vagaman; Wayanad; Nelliyampathi; Peerumedu and Ponmudi

89954. Two of the world’s Ramsar Convention - listed wetlands in Kerala?

Answer: Lake Sasthamkotta and Vembanad Lake wetlands

89955. The Thrissur pooram is conducted at the?

Answer: Vadakumnathan Temple; Thrissur

89956. The Art form in Kerala which is recognised by UNESCO at the Masterpiece of the Oral and intangible Heritage of Humanity?

Answer: Koodiyattam

89957. Busy port city which is known for the Chinese fishing nets in its harbour?

Answer: Kochi

89958. First Hydel Tourism Project in South Kerala?

Answer: Meenmutty Hydel Tourism Project

89959. The palace built by Dutch in 1744?

Answer: Bolgatty Palace

89960. First Hydel Tourism in Kerala?

Answer: Munnar

89961. Fish shaped aquarium and the ropeway are found in?

Answer: Malampuzha

89962. The popular vallamkali held in the Punnamada lake near Alappuzha?

Answer: Nehru Trophy Boat Race

89963. The oldest and most popular Vallamkali (Boat race) held in the Pamba river?

Answer: Champakulam Boat Race

89964. First General Hospital in Kerala was established in?

Answer: 1864

89965. First Mental Hospital in Kerala was established in?

Answer: 1870

89966. First Government Hospital in Kerala?

Answer: Trivandrum Civil Hospital

89967. Kozhikode Medical College was established on?

Answer: 1-Oct-57

89968. Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology was established in?

Answer: 1974

89969. First Heart transplantation in Kerala was conducted at?

Answer: Medical Trust Hospital

89970. First Medical College was established in?

Answer: 1951 in Thiruvananthapuram

89971. Metabolic Disorder Research Centre (MDRC) is located at?

Answer: Jagathy; Thiruvananthapuram

89972. First Medical College in Co-operative Sector?

Answer: Pariyaram Medical College

89973. Balistic lithotripsy treatment was first started in?

Answer: PRS Hospital; Thiruvananthapuram

89974. First liver transplantation in Kerala was done by?

Answer: Dr. S. Sudhindran

89975. Who established Kottakkal Arya Vaidyasala?

Answer: Vaida Rathnam P.S. Warrier in 1902

89976. Medical College was made into a referal hospital in?

Answer: 2009

89977. The Central Council for Research in Ayurveda and Sidha has its centres at?

Answer: Cheruthuruthi and Poojappura in Kerala

89978. Ayurveda’s primary purification and detoxification treatment?

Answer: Panchakarma

89979. The first Government Homeopathic dispensary was started in?

Answer: 1958

89980. Homeopathy Directorate was established in Kerala in?

Answer: 1973

89981. The organisation under the Kerala state Government to provide care and service for abandoned children?

Answer: Ammathottil in Trivandrum

89982. World’s first Ayurveda Resort?

Answer: Somatheeram

89983. Government Ayurveda College Trivandrum was established in?

Answer: 1889

89984. First Heart transplanation in Kerala was conducted by?

Answer: Dr. Jose Chacko Periyapuram (13 May 2003)

89985. Father of Atheletic Kerala?

Answer: Col. Godavarma Raja

89986. First Sports School in Kerala?

Answer: G.V. Raja Sports School

89987. The first football tournament in Kerala?

Answer: Sree Moolam Cup Tournament

89988. First professional football club in Kerala?

Answer: FC Cochin

89989. Second Mecca of Football?

Answer: Kozikkode

89990. First Malayali woman to participate in olympics was?

Answer: P.T. Usha

89991. Kerala’s first Olympian was?

Answer: C.K. Lakshman

89992. First Malayali Swimmer to participate in Olympic Games was?

Answer: Sebastian Xavier

89993. First Kerala woman to receive Arjuna Award?

Answer: K.C. Aelamma

89994. First Malayali couples to receive Arjuna Award were?

Answer: Wilson Cheriyan and Shyni Wilson

89995. Thiruvananthapuram Central Stadium was earlier known as?

Answer: Puthan Kacherry Ground

89996. Kerala got Santhosh Trophy in the years?

Answer: 1973; 1992; 1993; 2001 & 2004

89997. Payyoli Express is the nick name of?

Answer: P.T. Usha

89998. P.T. Usha sports school is located at?

Answer: Koyilandi in Kozhikkode

89999. The first Malayali to receive Dronacharya Award?

Answer: O.M. Nambiar (1965)

90000. Jimmy George Indoor Stadium is situated in?

Answer: Thiruvananthapuram
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