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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1806

90301. The famous social reformer Sahodaran Ayyappan was born at?

Answer: Cherai; Ernakulam

90302. Kerala High Court is in?

Answer: Ernakulam

90303. Birth place of Shadkala Govinda Marar?

Answer: Moovattupuzha

90304. The commercial capital of Kerala?

Answer: Ernakulam

90305. Summer residency of the Travancore royal family?

Answer: Alwaye Palace

90306. Bolgatty Palace an erstwhile place of the Dutch colonial administration is at?

Answer: Kochi

90307. Fertilizers and Chemical Travancore Limited (FACT) located at?

Answer: Aluva

90308. One of the oldest fertilizers and chemical industry in Kerala is located in?

Answer: Kochi

90309. The headquarters of the Southern Naval Command?

Answer: Kochi

90310. The Spices Board of India and World Spice Organisation are headquartered in?

Answer: Kochi

90311. Birth place of Changampuzha Krishna Pillai?

Answer: Edappally

90312. Thrissur district was formed on?

Answer: Ist July 1949

90313. Cultural Capital of Kerala?

Answer: Thrissur

90314. Land of Poorams?

Answer: Thrissur

90315. Athirappilly, Vazhachal waterfalls is in?

Answer: Thrissur

90316. The Architect of Thrissur town?

Answer: Sakthan Thampuran

90317. Pulikali also known as Kaduvakali is a colourful recreational folk art in?

Answer: Thrissur District

90318. Forest Research Institute is situated at?

Answer: Peechi; Thrissur

90319. Kerala Kalamandalam founded by poet Sri Vallathol Narayana Menon is at?

Answer: Cheruthuruthy; Thrissur

90320. The first newspaper which was published from Thrissur was?

Answer: Lokamanyan in 1920

90321. Cheraman Jama Masjid built around 612 AD by Malik Ibn Dinar, the first mosque in India is at?

Answer: Kodungallur

90322. Kerala Sahithya Academy, Kerala Lalithakala Academy and School of Drama etc. are situated in?

Answer: Thrissur

90323. The highest Christian church in Asia, Puthanpalli is in?

Answer: Thrissur

90324. Head quarters of Kerala Agricultural University?

Answer: Mannuthi; Thrissur

90325. Two amusement parks in Thrissur?

Answer: Dream World & Silver Storm

90326. Kerala Police Academy is situated in?

Answer: Ramapuram; Thrissur

90327. Headquarters of Kerala University Health Sciences?

Answer: Mulankunnathukavu; Thrissur

90328. The Veteran foot ballers and former Indian Captains C.V. Pappachan, I.M. Vijayan and Jo Paul Ancheri hail from?

Answer: Thrissur

90329. Chimmony dam is in?

Answer: Thrissur district

90330. Dwaraka of South?

Answer: Guruvayoor temple

90331. The oldest Church in India built by St. Thomas, the Apostle in AD 52?

Answer: St. Thomas Church at Palayur; Thrissur

90332. The most colourful and spectacular temple festival in Kerala?

Answer: Thrissur Pooram

90333. Headquarters of Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA) an autonomous training, research and consultancy organisation is at?

Answer: Thrissur

90334. Palakkad district was formed on?

Answer: Ist January 1957

90335. The granary of Kerala?

Answer: Palakkad

90336. The largest district in Kerala?

Answer: Palakkad

90337. District having the highest population of scheduled castes?

Answer: Palakkad

90338. Birth place of Kunjan Nambiar?

Answer: Killikkurussimangalam; Palakkad

90339. Nelliyampathy known as the Ooty of Kerala is in?

Answer: Palakkad district

90340. One of the hottest places in Kerala?

Answer: Palakkad

90341. The largest dam in Palakkad district?

Answer: Malampuzha

90342. Kerala’s first wind farm is situated in?

Answer: Kanjikode; Palakkad

90343. KINFRA IT Park is situated at?

Answer: Ottapalam; Palakkad

90344. Orange City of Kerala?

Answer: Nelliyampathi

90345. Fluid Control Research Institute (FCRI) is located in?

Answer: Kanjikode; Palakkad

90346. Chulanur Peacock Sanctury is in?

Answer: Palakkad

90347. Indian Telephone Industries is at?

Answer: Kanjikode

90348. Headquarters of Malabar Cements?

Answer: Valayar; Palakkad

90349. The pass which acts as a corridor between the Tamil nadu and Kerala?

Answer: Palakkad Gap

90350. Government Goat farm is located at?

Answer: Attapadi; Palakkad district
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