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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 2006

100301. The unit used to measure radio activity?

Answer: Becquerel

100302. What is the unit of frequency?

Answer: Hertz

100303. The power of the Engine is calculated by?

Answer: Horse Power (One Horse Power = 746 watt)

100304. The unit of Capacitance?

Answer: Farad

100305. The unit of Inductance?

Answer: Henry

100306. The unit of atmospheric pressure?

Answer: Bar (One Bar=76cm of Hg)

100307. Unit of force?

Answer: Newton

100308. Unit of Electric resistance?

Answer: Ohm What is the use of Barometer?

100309. The unit which is used to calculate the distance between the Galaxy?

Answer: parsec (Parallactic second)

100310. The largest unit of distance?

Answer: parsec (1parsec= 3×1013km)

100311. Electric power is measured by?

Answer: Watt

100312. SI unit of temperature?

Answer: Kelvin

100313. Unit of luminous intensity is?

Answer: Candela

100314. The SI unit of wavelength of light is?

Answer: Angstrom

100315. The unit used to measure the depth of the sea is?

Answer: Fathom One fathom = 6 feet

100316. The unit of distance in astronomy is?

Answer: Light year

100317. The Unit of power of lens is?

Answer: Dioptre

100318. Which instrument converts mechanical energy into electrical energy?

Answer: Dynamo

100319. Which instrument converts light energy into electric energy?

Answer: Photo electric cell

100320. Which instrument used to convert A.C. current to D.C. current?

Answer: Rectifier

100321. Which is the instrument employed to change the voltage in an electric circuit?

Answer: Transformer

100322. What is the use of Altimeter?

Answer: To measure the altitude

100323. What is the use of Ammeter?

Answer: To measure the flow of electric current in a circuit

100324. What is the use of Anemometer?

Answer: To measure the force or speed of the wind

100325. What is the use of Electroscope?

Answer: To measure the electrostatic charge

100326. What is the use of Calorimeter?

Answer: To measure the amount of heat

100327. What is the use of Speedometer?

Answer: To indicate the speed of a vehicle

100328. What is the use of Fathometer?

Answer: To measure the depth of water (1 fathom = 6 ft)

100329. What is the use of Periscope?

Answer: To observe objects of the surface from the submarine

100330. What is the purpose of Mariner’s compass?

Answer: To find out the direction of the ship in the sea

100331. What is the use of Steroscope?

Answer: To see the photos taken by two cameras placed at two different angles

100332. What is the use of Hygrometer?

Answer: To measure the humidity of atmosphere.

100333. What is the use of Galvanometer?

Answer: To measure electric currents

100334. What is the use of Microscope?

Answer: To magnify tiny objects

100335. What is Lactometer?

Answer: device used to measure the relative density of milk to determine its purity

100336. The device that uses radio waves to detect the position of objects such as Aeroplanes, missiles etc.?

Answer: Radar

100337. What is Pyrometer?

Answer: Used to record high temperature from a great distance

100338. What is Hydrophone?

Answer: It is used for recording of sound inside water

100339. What is an electric oscillator?

Answer: It converts Direct Current into Alternating Current

100340. What is cyclotron?

Answer: It is a device for producing high energy sub-atomic particles

100341. What is Geiger - Muller counter?

Answer: It is used for detecting and measuring radio active radiation

100342. What is a nuclear reactor?

Answer: It is the Central component of a nuclear power station; which generates nuclear energy under controlled conditions. What is the use of Microphone?

100343. What is a hydrometer?

Answer: It is used for measuring the density of liquids directly.

100344. What is venturimeter?

Answer: It is used for measuring flow of liquids

100345. What is Radar?

Answer: Radar is Radio Detection and Ranging

100346. When a force acting on a body produces displacement, it is called?

Answer: Work

100347. What is called the capacity to do work?

Answer: Energy

100348. Rate of doing work is called?

Answer: Power 1 horse power = 746 watt

100349. Energy by virtue of which a body can do mechanical work is called?

Answer: Mechanical Energy

100350. Which are the two forms of mechanical energy?

Answer: Kinetic energy & Potential energy
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