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116101. The object that orbits Earth in both the Earth-centered (geocentric) and Sun-centered (heliocentric) models of our solar system?

Answer: the Moon

116102. A cycle of Moon phases can be seen from Earth because the?

Answer: Moon revolves around Earth

116103. Which member of the solar system has a diameter of 3.48 x 103 kilometers?

Answer: Earth’s Moon

116104. When a thin crescent of the moon is visible just before sunrise, the Moon is in its______?

Answer: Waning Phase

116105. The inner planets tend to have ______?

Answer: fewer moons

116106. The planets that tend to have rings tend to have _______?

Answer: Many moons

116107. What does Cassini’s law describe?

Answer: Cassini’s laws describes the rotation of the moon

116108. What do the bright patches on Moon signify?


116109. Lunar eclipse generally occurs at new moon or full moon?

Answer: At full moon

116110. Small planetary bodies found in between the orbit of Mars and Jupiter?

Answer: Asteroids

116111. Biggest Asteroid?

Answer: Vesta

116112. The second biggest Asteroid?

Answer: Pallas

116113. The asteroid that will hit the earth in 2022?

Answer: 2000 BF 19

116114. The asteroids which has the smallest orbit?

Answer: Icarus

116115. Which is the smallest of the asteroids?

Answer: Adonis

116116. A major belt of asteroids is located between Mars and Jupiter. What is the approximate average distance between the Sun and this major asteroid belt?

Answer: 390 million kilometers

116117. Which of the asteroids has the largest orbit?

Answer: Hidalgo

116118. A solar system object of rocky composition and comparable in size to a small city is most likely _______?

Answer: an asteroid

116119. What is a comet?

Answer: A comet is a lump of frozen gases of various kinds in which there are many small stony or metallic particles.

116120. The biggest comet?

Answer: Centauri 2060 Chiron

116121. Halley’s comet last appeared in?

Answer: 1986

116122. Halley’s comet will reappear in?

Answer: 2062

116123. The comet called ‘Comet of the Century’?

Answer: Comet Hale Bopp

116124. Hale Bopp was discovered by?

Answer: Alan Hale and Thomas Bopp

116125. What are the different parts of a comet?


116126. What produces the tail of a comet?

Answer: The radiation of the Sun produces the tail of a comet.

116127. Which comet has the least orbital period?

Answer: Encke Comet

116128. What does the Latin word comet means?

Answer: Long - haired

116129. After how many years the Hale - Bopp comet appears?


116130. Name the comets that appears after about 75,000 years?

Answer: The Kohoutek’s comet

116131. What do you call the bright head of a comet?

Answer: Coma

116132. Name the comet whose tail measured longest a staggering 570 million km?

Answer: Comet Hyakutake

116133. Leonid meteoroids are associated with which comet, whose Orbital period is 33.3 years?

Answer: Comet 55P/Temple Tuttle

116134. The first couple in space abroad the shuttle Endeavour?

Answer: N Jan Davis and Marck Lee

116135. Which was the first spacecraft to be launched into space?

Answer: Sputnik (Russia)

116136. When was Sputnik launched into space?

Answer: 4-Oct-57

116137. Which was the first space craft to land on moon?

Answer: Luna -9

116138. In which year Luna -9 landed on the moon?

Answer: 1966

116139. Who was the first woman to walk in space?

Answer: Svetlana Savitskaya

116140. The name of the spacecraft in which Yuri Gagarin travelled?

Answer: Vostok - I

116141. Who was the first American in Space?

Answer: Allan Sheperd

116142. Who was the first astronaut to land on moon?

Answer: Neil Armstrong

116143. Name the spacecraft which brought rock pieces from the moon?

Answer: Luna 16

116144. Name the first American Artificial Satellite?

Answer: Explorer – I

116145. Who was the oldest man to go to space?

Answer: John Glenn

116146. Which space probe took the worlds first living creature, dog Laika to space?

Answer: Sputnik - 2

116147. When was the first orbiting space station, USSR’s Salut I launched?

Answer: 1971

116148. When did the former USSR launch the MIR Space station?

Answer: 1986

116149. Who was the first US woman in Space?

Answer: Sally Ride in 1983

116150. Which is the famous US rocket launching station in Florida?

Answer: Cape Canaveral
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