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116451. The bicatalysts are?

Answer: Enzymes

116452. The enzymes are killed?

Answer: A t a very high; temperature

116453. Which is the following types of materials act as effective catalysts?

Answer: Transition metals

116454. A catalyst increases the rate of a chemical reaction by?

Answer: Decreasing the activation energy

116455. Efficiency of the catalyst depends on its?

Answer: Molecular state

116456. The information not conveyed by thermodynamics is about?

Answer: Rates of reactons

116457. Yeast, used in making bread is a?

Answer: Fungus

116458. Symbiotic association of mycorrhiza is between?

Answer: Fungi and root of higher plant

116459. Fungi grown on the bark of tree?

Answer: Corticoles

116460. Fungi which grow on cow dung are called?

Answer: Coprophilous

116461. The diesease late blight of potato is caused by?

Answer: Fungi

116462. The disease late blight of potato is caused by?

Answer: Phytophthora infestans

116463. Penicillum is a?

Answer: Fungi

116464. Fungi used in baking industry?

Answer: Saccharomyces cerevisial

116465. Early blight of potato is caused by?

Answer: Alternari solani

116466. Paraffin wax contractson solidification the melting point of wax?

Answer: Increases with increase of pressure

116467. A large iceberg melts at the base but not at the top because?

Answer: Higher pressure at the base lowers the melting point of ice

116468. During melting process the beat given to a body is utilised an open pan and allowed to evaporate. After somtims the temperature of water?

Answer: Decrease slightly

116469. The boiling point of a liquid is?

Answer: Both a) and b)

116470. A Closed bottle containing water at room temperature is taken to the moon and then the lid is opened. The water will?

Answer: Boil

116471. The relative humidity of air can decrease in spite of an increase in the absolute humidity when the?

Answer: Temperature rises

116472. Water evaporates at atmospheric pressure at a certain rate. If now the some water is placed in vaccum. The rate of evaporation?

Answer: Will increase

116473. If the atmospheric temperature and due point are nearly equal then?

Answer: The relative humidity is 100%

116474. If the temperature inside a room is increased, the relative humidity will?

Answer: Decrease

116475. A liquid boils at a temperature at which its saturated vapour pressure becomes?

Answer: Equal to the atmospheric pressure

116476. Energy Stored in the choke oil in the form of?

Answer: Magnetic energy

116477. The core of a transformer is laminated to reduce?

Answer: Eddy current loss

116478. Ampere rule is used to find the?

Answer: Direction of magnetic field

116479. A Compass needle just above a wire in which electrons are moving towards east, will point?

Answer: South

116480. A motor converts?

Answer: Electrical energy into mechanical energy

116481. Fleming’s right-hand rule gives?

Answer: The direction of the induced emf

116482. The intensity of a magnetic field is defined as the force experienced by a?

Answer: Unit north pole

116483. The split ring in motion is called?

Answer: Commutator

116484. In a hydel station the motion produced in turbines is due to the?

Answer: Flow of water

116485. The frequency of Ac mains in India is?

Answer: 50 Hz

116486. Neutrino is a particle which?

Answer: Has no charge but has spin

116487. The fusion of hydrogen into helium is more likely to take place?

Answer: At high temperature and high pressure

116488. In nuclear fission, the percentage of mass converted into energy is about?

Answer: 0.10%

116489. A good moderator should?

Answer: Be all above three

116490. Energy generation in stars is mainly due to?

Answer: Fusion of light nuclei

116491. In the photoelectric effect, the number of photoelectrons emitted is proportional to?

Answer: Intensity of incident beam

116492. The maximum number of photoelectrons released in photocell is independent of?

Answer: Intensity of incident beam

116493. When yellow light is incident on a surface no electrons are emitted while green light can emit. If the red light is incident on the surface then?

Answer: No electrons are emitted

116494. Matter waves are?

Answer: De Broglie wave

116495. The kilowatt is a unit to measure?

Answer: Power

116496. When the temperature is gradually decreased the specific heat of a substance is?

Answer: Decreased

116497. One joule is approximately equal to?

Answer: 0.24 cal

116498. At dew point RH is?

Answer: 50%

116499. The device used to measure very high temperature is?

Answer: Pyrometer

116500. A metal sheet with a circular hole is heated. The hole will?

Answer: Expand
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