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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1001

50051. Which among the following is a prebiotic

50052. Bactericidal efficiency of sanitizers can be found out using

50053. Which among the following is a radioimmuno assay techenique

50054. When one of three series resistors is removed from a circuit and the circuit is reconnected, the current

50055. The total power in a certain circuit is 12 W. Each of the four equal-value series resistors making up the circuit dissipates

50056. The following resistors (one each) are connected in a series circuit: 470 , 680 , 1 k, and 1.2 k. The voltage source is 20 V. Current through the 680 resistor is approximately

50057. A series circuit consists of a 4.7 k, a 12 k, and a 2.2 k resistor. The resistor that has the most voltage drop is

50058. All the voltage drops and the source voltage added together in a series circuit is equal to

50059. Two resistors are in series: a 5.6 k resistor and a 4.7 k resistor. The voltage drop across the 5.6 k resistor is 10 V. The voltage across the 4.7 k resistor is

50060. Three 680 resistors are connected in series with a 470 V source. Current in the circuit is

50061. There are five resistors in a given series circuit and each resistor has 6 V dropped across it. The source voltage

50062. If a 6 V and a 9 V source are connected series aiding, the total voltage is

50063. Five resistors are connected in a series and there is a current of 3 A into the first resistor. The amount of current into the second resistor is

50064. The total resistance of eight 5.6 k resistors in series is

50065. A series circuit has a 24 V source and a total resistance of 120 . The current through each resistor is

50066. To measure the current out of the second resistor in a circuit consisting of four resistors, an ammeter can be placed

50067. A 12 V battery is connected across a series combination of 68 , 47 , 220 , and 33 . The amount of current is

50068. If a 24 V and a 6 V battery are series opposing, the total voltage is

50069. A series circuit consists of three resistors. Two resistors are 1.2 k each. The total resistance is 12 k. The value of the third resistor

50070. Four equal-value resistors are in series with a 12 V battery and 13.63 mA are measured. The value of each resistor is

50071. Two 1.5 V cells are connected series opposing across two 100 resistors in series. Total current flow is

50072. The total resistance of a circuit is 680 . The percentage of the total voltage appearing across a 47 resistor that makes up part of the total series resistance is

50073. Two 6 V batteries are connected series aiding across two 1.2 k resistors in series. Current through each resistor is

50074. The term series opposing means that sources are in series with opposite polarities.

50075. If you know the current anywhere in a series circuit, you know the current everywhere in a series circuit.

50076. In a series circuit, the individual powers are additive.

50077. The total resistance of a series circuit is equal to the difference between the largest and smallest value resistors.

50078. The voltage at one point in a circuit is always measured relative to another point.

50079. A series circuit acts as a voltage divider.

50080. The sum of all the voltage drops around a single closed loop in a circuit is zero.

50081. A short in a series circuit prevents current.

50082. A series circuit acts as a current divider.

50083. Series aiding is a term sometimes used to describe voltage sources of the same polarity in series.

50084. When a fourth resistor is connected in series with three resistors, the total resistance

50085. A string of five series resistors is connected across a 6 V battery. Zero voltage is measured across all resistors except R3. The voltage across R3 is

50086. A series circuit consists of three resistors with values of 120 , 270 , and 330 . The total resistance is

50087. A certain series circuit consists of a 1/8 W resistor, a 1/4 W resistor, and a 1/2 W resistor. The total resistance is 1200 . If each resistor is operating in the circuit at its maximum power dissipation, total current flow is

50088. Which of the following series combinations dissipates the most power when connected across a 120 V source?

50089. ---------is a short chain fatty acid which give characteristic flavor to milk fat

50090. In a spray dryer having a drying efficiency of 60%,if the air inlet temperature is 200 degree C and the atmospheric temperature is 35 degree C;then the outlet air temperature=-----------

50091. Beriberi is a disease caused by the deficiency of Vitamin ----------

50092. In a roller drier,the speed of the drum is around----------rpm

50093. Air velocities of about----is used in pneumatic power conveying systems for transporting milk powder

50094. Three 10 k resistors are connected in series. A 20 k resistor is connected in parallel across one of the 10 k resistors. The voltage source is 24 V. The total current in the circuit is

50095. A certain voltage divider consists of three 1 k resistors in series. Which of the following load resistors will have the least effect on the output voltage?

50096. The parallel combination of a 470 resistor and a 1.5 k resistor is in series with the parallel combination of five 1 k resistors. The source voltage is 50 V. The percentage of the load current through any single 1 k resistor is

50097. A certain Wheatstone bridge has the following resistor values: R1 = 10 k, R2 = 720 , and R4 = 2.4 k. The unknown resistance is

50098. On which of the following voltage range settings will a voltmeter present the minimum load on a circuit?

50099. The internal resistance of a 30,000 ohm/volt voltmeter set on its 50 V range is

50100. The parallel combination of a 6.8 k resistor and a 10 k resistor is in series with the parallel combination of a 2.2 k resistor and a 1 k resistor. A 100 V source is connected across the circuit. The resistor(s) with the greatest voltage drop is (are)

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